More Than Just A Storage Box

If you are a regular reader of my blog, Twitter and Instagram you will probably know that recently I have moved back to Bournemouth, the town where I went to University, for a job! The job has been going amazingly but the housing situation has been one heck of a nightmare! First I moved into staff accommodation which was perfect but very basic and not a single place to put my stuff apart from the floor or a random hanging canvas ‘wardrobe’. I then moved in with a friend for a month to wait for my other friends lease to run out. Now after almost 3 months and a lot of stress I am finally in the long term place with my friend. It is a really nice flat but came part furnished (mainly only white goods and a bed) so I have been spending the past two weeks manically trying to sort everything out and buy furniture. After a pretty impressive Ikea trip and a star housemate (who put everything together for me!) I am done! All I have to do is add the girly finishing touches = )

One of these girly accessories is the above box which I picked up from TK Maxx for £12.99. I wanted something that I could put all my extra’s into and bits that I do not reach for everyday. I have this box sitting under my new desk (which you will see soon!) and I have popped my hair dryer and straighteners on the top to prevent them getting in a mess on the floor. What I love about this box is that is it practical yet looks nice in the room and adds a bit of the old character and charm!
At the moment this box isn’t too full as I haven’t fully moved everything to Bournemouth yet – but it works perfectly to house backups of products and things I may not reach for everyday. What I also like to do is swap out different products to try them out and shake up my skincare routine and haircare routine every now and then =) This box has two handled either side and some reinforced corner parts to make the box more sturdy and easily transportable. I also love the quote on the top of the box that you can see in the picture below.
As I move more of my stuff to Bournemouth and finishing organising my room you will probablly see more posts like these pop up. Let me know if you enjoy them or not – they may even be useful if you are moving to Uni soon and want some ideas for how to organise a new room. I love seeing peoples tips and tricks for organising and I am on bit of a decorative and furniture spree at the moment. Also on a side note you will probably notice that the setup for my photos have changed. Now I am in my new place I have to find a new spot to take my blog photos! It may take me a while to find the best place and play around with the lighting of the room but hopefully everything will be in place soon =)
What are you favourite items to make a room feel like home to you? Do you have an organisational tips and tricks? Would love to hear them!

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