Hauling Some Beauty Products!

If you follow my Twitter (@girlbeautyblog) or Instagram (@agirlandabeautyblog) accounts you will know that a couple of Sundays ago I had a epiphany moment at Space.NK. After a failed shopping trip I decided to pick myself up by making a cheeky stop into Space.NK. Now there was nothing I needed but many things I wanted and had my eye on for a while. I only went in to swatch but after 5 minutes I was sitting down and having my makeup removed and starting from scratch!The main item I wanted to try out was the ByTerry Touch-Expert Advanced. This is raved by Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea and is apparently her go to product to brighten and lighten under her eyes. As you know I am rather paranoid over the state of my dark under eyes and have been religiously using my beloved Bobby Brown Corrector. This has been amazing but I’ve found in the warmer months it feels too heavy on my skin. I tried out the Touch-Expert Advanced and the Touche Veloutee. The Touche Veloutee is a more all over concealer whereas the Touch-Expert Advanced is specifically for under your eyes and comes in a greater colour selection.I had an amazing sales assistant who was so lovely and we were babbling away about all things beauty related. When she asked if I wanted to try anything else I couldn’t resist and asked to try the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Spf 15. Instead of popping this on top of my makeup she instead cleansed my skin and started from scratch. This also meant that I could try out the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer and the infamous Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser. The primer felt really hydrating and perfect for summer and well the tinted moisturiser. There are no words. Put it this way this is the first time anything has been put on my skin and I responded with wow. My skin look illuminated, natural, dewy whilst not looking greasy or oily. I was pretty much blown away and even when I saw my mum later she commented that my skin looked incredible.Now came the part of wanting to buy it all! The sales assistant (have I mentioned how amazing she is? Charlotte in the Kingston store FYI ;) didn’t make me feel pressured into buying anything. She even encouraged me to go out the store, have a walk around and see how I felt in natural light. After I got home and had the comments from my mum we jumped back in the car and headed straight back to Space.NK! And here is what I picked up!

As you can see I got the essentials ;) ByTerry Touch-Expert Advanced (£28.50) in the shade No. 2 Nude. Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer (£28) and the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Spf15 in the colour Natural Beige. Plonked firmly at the top of my wish list for next time is the Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser (£55) in Glow. These 3 items have become staples in my everyday makeup routine and I have used them everyday since getting them. Although pricey item’s I can be rest-assured that they will not break me out and that I will get my moneys worth.
Fewf that was a lot of beauty talk! have you guys being eyeing up any new items recently?

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  • I’m so jealous! I’ve heard so many amazing things about the Laura Mercier mineral powder. It’s definitely on my wish list. I hope you do reviews on these, I can’t wait to see what they look like on, especially the ByTerry Touch Expert Advanced as I’ve never heard of it. xx

  • fab purchases! i adore the laura mercier primer & mineral powder. i have the byterry touche veloutee but the touche expert advanced sounds really good too. oh gawd i’d love to buy the chantecaille tinted moisturiser (or any chantecaille product for that matter!) but its sooo expensive! xx

  • The staff in Space NK are always so lovely and because they don’t work for one specific makeup brand I always trust their opinion. Proof that a soft sell approach can work!!

    • It really does! There was another member of staff in the store who was really pushy but the other girl was so lovely and made me want to buy so much more!xx

  • I always have such great service in space nk, my favourite store is the convent garden one. The Laura Mercier products are at the top of my wishlist at the moment. x

  • I now want to go shopping!! Aha xo

  • Wow Laura Mercier items! :-) I need to check out some of them in my local Sephora. I need a tinted moisturiser, blusher, the Caviar Sticks & lip glace! ;-)

  • Ooh can you definitely do a review of the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder , I’ve been thinking about it for ages, except when I swatched it a tester it was quite shimmery, which isn’t really want I’m after.

    • Shimmery? I haven’t found it to be – but so far I am loving it! Will do a review soon =) xx