Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


Recently I purchased the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is a new brush that has recently launched to the Real Techniques range. I love Real Technique brushes and the Buffing Brush from the Core Collection (which I have reviewed here) is my new go to foundation brush and the Blush Brush (review here) is now my contouring best friend. I got this brush from Beauty Chamber for £9.99 + £2.95 P+P.

I wanted to get this brush to replace my MAC 129 powder/blush brush. My MAC brush has turned into a shedding nightmare and ever since getting my first RT brushes I find the bristles to be really coarse. Also the MAC brush is a whopping £26 compared to RT’s £9.99!


From stock photos I thought that the brushes are a similar size and it would be a simple switch over. That sadly was not the case. The RT brush is really dense and when I used it with my Laura Mercier Peach Whisper Blush it packed on far too much colour. Even when I tried to blend out the colour it still didn’t really work. Considering that Peach Whisper is a lovely soft, peach colour it turned into a very vibrant orange on my cheeks! I have heard that people use the Expert Face Brush for foundation but I already have my beloved Buffing Brush for that. I did spot a few people using it with the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (but then that would require another purchase on my part :P). At the moment sadly my Expert Face Brush is sitting slightly unloved at the moment. Would love to know what you use it for to hopefully give it more of a purpose!

  • RT is amazing, although I think I managed to ruin my stippling brush :( I’ll need to get a new one.
    The whole range is such good quality for the price. x

  • I use my Expert face brush for either foundation or my Chanel Bronze Universal xx

  • I’ve only recently bought the RT stippling brush on recommendation from a friend and I’m in love with it! It makes my BB cream/liquid foundation go on like a dream, from reading this post I’ll probably buy the buffing brush for my powder :)


    • I love the buffing brush I find the stippling brush a bit small for foundation. They also have a powder brush but some people recommend the expert Face brush for powders =) xx

  • Oh no I hope you find a use for this! I have the core collection and their enormous powder brush and I love pretty much all of them. I prefer my Sigma F80 for foundation but the buffing brush is my contour.

    You’ll have to update if you find another use for this! I’d probably use it for my setting powder xxx

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  • I love Real Techniques and I can’t wait to add this brush to my collection xo

  • I really need to go out and buy some Real Techniques brushes, I still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon! I really want to try the buffing brush as I haven’t found my ideal brush for foundation yet!

    Frances xx

  • Oh I’m so glad I didn’t buy this! i wanted a powder brush to replace my mac one too! My mac one sheds like crazy too!

    • I’ve found a different RT brush thats perfect for powder blush. Will be reviewing it soon =) xx

  • I have just found your blog after searching google for real techniques brush reviews. Now I have read this I’m definatly going to buy one!
    Nice review

  • I love the RT brushes, haven’t tried this one though. Hope you find a good use for it!

  • I use this brush for my foundation and I find it works really well especially with cream foundation :) xx

    • If only I didn’t use my RT buffing brush for that! I will find a use I’m determined :P xx