Laura Mercier Lusting


Warning I think my Laura Mercier Lip Glacé love has turned into a full blown Laura Mercier obsession. Every time I find myself casually walking past one of their counters I end up sticking my fingers in pretty much everything they have on show. What can I say it’s all just too pretty!

The main things that are on my list (and have been for pretty much the last few years) is the Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser (£33) and Oil Free Foundation primer (£28). I have always wanted to try these and have heard many good things about them but I have never taken the plunge and got them. I have tried a tester before of the primer and wasn’t blown away but that was when I paid less attention to my skin so hopefully now it will work better.
As part of their new summer collection (which the Orange Tulip Lip Glacé that I got is part of) are three beautiful Sheer Crème Eye Colours. At £16.50 each these are higher up the price point but look utterly gorgeous.  There is the colour Mauve Pastel, Grey Pastel and Aqua Pastel. I won’t admit how many times I have swatched these but needless to say I would not be disappointed with all three!
Also as a spot of added indulgence who wouldn’t want to try the Almond Milk Souffle Body Creme (£43.50).
Now I think that those products alone would already give me a pretty hefty total value! Which are your favourite Laura Mercier products? Would love to read your recommendations!
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  • I really want to try the tinted moisturiser. Sounds amazing!

  • note to self: do not go near laura mercier counter when money is avaliable. everything looks so nice! xx

  • I really love the Laura Mericier tinted moisturiser. Must get some more!

  • i agree with sandra, I’am trying to save up to purchase this tinted moisturiser and the primer.. ahh one day :)

  • I’d love to try the oil free tinted moisturiser ! xx

  • I bought the tinted moisturiser (just the normal one not oil free) for the summer and it is lovely! They also gave me a sample of the primer and it is lovely so I think I might have to save up for that as well xxx

  • I really want to try the Second Skin blushers!

  • I love the creme brulee scent, delicious x

  • I’m soo tempted to try the tinted moisturiser, reading this post has just tipped me over the edge! I’m going to buy it tomorrow ha xx

  • I love the tinted moisturiser – actually wear it every single day. Its just quick, easy and looks really natural. Its definitely going to be perfect for summer. You know you need it :P xo

  • Tinted moisturizer :D

  • Im selling my Laura mercier oil free primer on ebay at the moment (used it once for a wedding) if your interested go have a look. It definitely kept my make up on all day but I just dont have time for primers and quite like touching up my make up throughout the day which is why i’m selling it.