Osis Texture Dust It Mattifying Powder

as you all know im a big fan of the volume look and my flat straight hair needs a bit of added oomph whenever i wash it. without my hair looks straightened within an inch of its life. i have previously tried the vo5 instant oomph powder and label.m resurrection style dust, both of which i am a fan of but that doesn’t stop me from trying others :P
this schwarzkopf product works in a similar way in that it is a soft dust/power that you sprinkle into your hair and rub at the roots to instantly add volume. it works by pretty much mattifying the hair together to add volume and texture. some of these powders are known to make your hair feel too matted together but if you only apply a small amount and rub it well into you hair its easy to avoid this.this product is a very finely milled powder and whats great about this is that you can apply it directly to your hands to then be rubbed through the hair. i do this with the tips of my hair to add a bit of volume towards the bottom of my hair. the finish is still lightweight but means that my hair can either hold a style or look something other then flat!

the osis texture dust it mattifying powder can be bought from cheap smells for £8.58 or beauty bay from £9.75

*pr sample