Real Techniques Core Collection Review

hello band wagon i believe we have met before. yes i jumped on it and have indulged my inner beauty lover and purchased some real technique brushes. i opted for the core collection as i wanted to try out the buffing brush and sadly it can not be bought on its own (bah humbug!) needless to say i was not complaining at getting the 3 other brushes that came in the kit.
the core collection in £21.99 and contains the buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and detailer brush. not a bad price considering you get 4 brushes and also a nifty case/stand. i was interested to try these out as i have only really used mac and sigma brushes. with the real technique brushes being fairly reasonable in price i wanted to try them out and see whether they could stand up quality wise in comparison to my other brushes.
the first brush i tried (and the standout one to me) is the buffing brush. on first impressions i was impressed at how soft the brush is, it also isn’t very dense compared to my sigma f80. the bristles have more room to breathe and the brush is more rounded. i have tried this with a few different liquid foundations and i am in love. so much so my sigma f80 has been put in a draw. it instantly buffs the foundation into your skin and leaves it looking flawless. no patchiness or streaks to find here! its a great size to hold and does the trick quickly. i think this collection is worth buying for this brush alone.i then tried the contour brush with my trusty nars laguna bronzer and we did not get along. i find this brush is far too small and leaves a very dense brown line on your face. fine if you want a very detailed look and have time to buff the colour out but in the mornings i do not. my sigma f40 does the trick perfectly. instead i have been using this brush to apply powder under my eyes and to buff in concealer on my face. the small point makes this a great brush for the job.

as for the foundation brush and detailer brush the foundation brush is far too small to apply your foundation with i think and i havent found a use for it yet. the detailer brush is great for precise concealer application but thats about these. unfortunately for me these brushes are a bit dud but the buffing brush does more then compensate for them.

overal some really great brushes and i am eager to get my hands on the blush brush and possibly even the powder brush!

  • I’m saving my boots points up for these but I really wish that they would sell the buffing brush by itself! xxx

  • Loving all the reviews about these brushes ! So looking forward to being back in the UK to buy them as this buffing brush sounds amazing ! xx


  • I need some new brushes, I keep reading reviews on these, but I am still not sure :s

    • i think maybe try one of the individual brushes first to see what you think then if you like it go for a collection xx

  • this is going to be my first purchase when my spending ban finishes :P

  • good to get different opinions on hyped products!

  • “hello bandwagon” hahaha, I keep seeing these everywhere! Like Sigma brushes, everyone’s raving. I’m glad you were honest about the contour and foundation brush. I am so fussy, so will prob be avoiding these. thank you missy :) xxx

  • I love these brushes.
    I have the buffer brush and cannot get enough of it.
    As for the concealer brush … its my favorite.

  • I’ve heard such good things about these brushes!

  • I love the buffing brush too. I use this and the contour brush everyday. The other two Im not so bothered about but they two make it worth it


  • i really want these brushes! and the blush brush!!

  • So tempted to buy this, just for the buffing brush! It’s such a good price for this many brushes that are good quality! xxx

  • All the brushes look a great quality, especially the buffer brush <3

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  • I use the foundation brush to contour with liquid. Samples are always too dark for my pale skin so i put a dark line under my cheek bone, normal everywhere else with a different brush and the buff in. Works well =)

  • Sam

    I have never been able to get the hang of contouring to be honest and always look like an 80’s throwback when ever I have tried. So like you I had to find an alternative use for the contour brush and I love it to buff in concealer under my eyes. I find it’s the ideal size and shape for the job and I’m not left with any uneven bits like when I have tried with a normal small concealer brush.

  • Have you seen the expert face brush? do you think it’d do the same as the buffer brush from the core collection?