Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour Foundation Review


my foundation hunt has taken me to some strange counters. nothing stranger then the lancome counter. why is this strange you might ask? well honestly because i dont use lancome products. i have never tried any of their foundations, have never dabbled in their award winning mascaras or even swatched an eye shadow. so why do i find myself at the counter now? to try out the new teint idole ultra 24 hour foundation. with my new foundation i am looking for something where at the end of the day when i leave the office i don’t look like my foundation has rubbed away or is half way down my face. yes i don’t need my foundation to last 24 hours but surly if it could do 24 hours it could last the commute to and from work and a day in the office.

first thing that impressed me with lancome was the sample. as you can see ive been given a good 2 weeks if not more sample. this is how it should be done (dior im looking at you!!) if you want me to believe your foundation is good and come back and buy a bottle at least let me try the stuff out! and no you slapping it on my face under the store lights does not count.

i was matched up in shade 010 beige porcelain and was excited to try it out


the above picture is me with the foundation on and nothing else. no concealer, no contour, no powder, nada. as you can see from the application alone it does a pretty decent job of providing a nice even coverage. any redness in my cheeks (or my breakout prone chin) is nicely covered and even my pesky under eye dark circles arn’t causing too much trouble! this foundation has a slight fragrance but a pleasant one that isn’t too overpowering. it also doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin even though it provides medium to full (if you build it up) coverage.


this is the finished result. what i like about this foundation is that it provides a slight dewy finish that me (as a lover of all things mat) it quite pleasantly happy about. obviously you can power it down but shock horror i havent been doing and im not wearing powder in the picture above!

so far this is my favourite foundation out of all the ones i have been trying. also i wore it to the most recent TOWIB event and got some lovely compliments on it from jessica and laura (thanks girlies!) also once checking a mirror after about 5 hours after wearing it my nose wasn’t even shiny! needless to say i was more than impressed! i have a couple of other foundations to test out (managed to collection quite a few samples on my quest!) but they have some stiff competition :p

this foundation costs £27 and contains spf 15

have you tried this foundation or any from lancome before?

  • I’m impressed, also impressed with the liquid eyeliner you are rockin

  • This sounds like something I would like, I may have to pick up a sample. I never buy anything from Lancome, it isn’t one of those brands that excite me. x

  • This looks really nice on you! I never go to the Lancome counter either, not sure why I just never hear anything about it so I probably ignore that it exists :/ I will check it out though, this looks really good xx

    • thanks =) if it wasn’t for this being advertise in the magazine i was reading then i probs wouldnt have either :P xx

  • I’ve been working this launch for weeks now. I wouldn’t have matched you with 010 at all, but I guess I just see pics of you which must look different. :).

    It is quite a nice foundation.


    • oo thats exciting! tell me more! what colour would you have matched me up with and what are your honest thoughts miss insider knowledge. am debating this one or the new estee lauder one xx

  • your skin looks so pretty, jealous x

  • Wow that looks really good. I love it when you get samples, not just cos i like freebies, but because i cave and buy anything from sales assistants.

    • im trying to put my foot down these days and dont want to buy a foundation unless i can test it first xx

  • Yu

    I’ve been using this since about November time, and it’s definitely one of my faves now! :)

    • at the moment its my number one to buy but there might be a new one that has just pipped it to the post!xx