get your bangle jangle on


i picked up this nail varnish as part of my epic hauling moment in new york. im sorry but if your going to put essie in a store that is on pretty much every street corner i have no choice but to purchase (i even told my mum this and yes she had the same unimpressed look on her face that you guys do now).
but come on its so pretty!
bangle jangle is a soft lilac purple that is 1) super pretty and 2) ever so handily fits into the spring pastel trend thats going on at the moment. im so on trend it hurts. i wore this on my nails for the big new york wedding as i wanted a colour that would stand out on my nails but not be too ott or look like i had dipped my fingers into neon paint. i love just how subtly pretty this colour is. its something you might not look twice at on the shelf but upon closer inspection its sweet purply colour calls out to you.
also what i love about this is that because it is essie if im feeling rather lazy i can get away with just one rather thick application of this and then im good to go. needless to say this has quickly become a firm favourite and no doubt will be on my nails a lot in the foreseeable future.