when msf’s take over your life

now there isn’t very often that i go mad for a mac collection let alone mad for a msf. the last collection i did some major hauling was the mac quite cute collection but even when i do like a mac collection or do some major hauling it is never really for an msf. msfs are in the higher price bracket of £21.50 so i usually indulge in a lipstick or an eyeshadow that have a lower price point and feel less daunting on the old purse strings. this all changed with speak of the new mac collection naturally. this collection was already quite hyped about because it focuses on more usable natural shades. then add into the mix the repromotion of two very popular msfs well needless to say my ears pricked up!
these two bad boys were initially released in some collection some time ago (yes my mac knowledge is not that good :P). now i have a weakness for hyped products. this is what made me buy mac lightscapade and lust over stereo rose (not the best examples considering they are both msfs!) but you catch my drift. i did some seriously swatch hunting and video watching and decided that blonde and redhead msfs you were to be mine
the msfs come with almost 4 stripes of colour that you can either individually pick out or swirl together. the above picture is of blonde a pinky soft rose colour thats great either as a blush or as a highlight. this msf was a lot more glittery then i expected but then i was quite liberal in my application :P
the above is redhead which is a more bronzy gold colour with a hint of pink. again quite shimmery but adds a lovely soft bronzy colour to the skin
blonde is on the top left and redhead is on the bottom right
now honestly i dont know how much use i will get out of these and needles to say i no longer need another msf! they are one of those things that i couldn’t resist and to be honest i am glad i got them. they help to make my face look more alive on a dreary day and i can see myself getting a lot of use out of these in the summer.
did you get anything from the naturally collection? what was your favourite item?

  • Love the title of this post! I really want the redhead, I’ve seen it on loads of blogs.

    Also, I’m currently running a giveaway for the chance to win a Clarisonic Mia! I’d love it if you could check it out on my blog. xx

  • Yu

    I’m still tempted by Blonde tbh! :) I like the thought of brightening up my face – it’s been pretty dull recently LOL.

    • go for it! i am full on enabling you :P it is great at brightening your face and i love using it before work to make me look more alive xx

  • I’ve never tried an MSF! Think I need to though, Blonde looks lovely x

  • I have blonde, I really wanna get red head next xxx


  • They look lovely! xx

  • I also just got them, and I’m loving redhead! Such a gorgeous colour. xx

  • These are gorgeous, I did spy them in Duty Free recently, I always get drawn into these things and end up going back for them :)


  • They look so good !! xx


  • they look simply gorgeous. i have to get my hands on these quickly .