mua love hearts launch

the mua love hearts launch has been doing the rounds recently on the bloggasphere but as ever here is my two sense =) the cosmetics brand mua (makeup academy) that stock the amazing value £1 cosmetics range in superdrug, have recently teamed up with love hearts (oh yes those amazing sweets with cute messages written on them!) to bring you some great new products. as part of the professional range, that has items ranging for £2-£4, mua have launched some great new nail varnishes and lip balm conditioners. not just that these products also have the similar style love heart message on the packaging. lovely jubbly!


the event was held in a bar in piccadilly and was the same day as i flew back on a red eye from new york. needless to say i was shattered and more than a little delirious as im sure gem, charli and nat could vouch for :P

alongside the collaboration with love hearts there were also some new contour pens, nail quake polishes and va va voom (lip tingle) lipglosses on display. not just that there is also news of a pro bb foundation that mua will soon be launching!


bb creams are a hot topic at the moment with estee lauder recently releasing their version of one so will be interested to see how this mua bb foundation fairs up and for only £4 it would be rude not to try it!


these are the love heart lip balms – cute huh! loving the little messages on the top as well. mua have some exciting new products coming out and if you would like to see any swatches of any of the products mentioned in this post (apart from the bb foundation as sadly it isn’t out yet!) then just let me know =)