illamasqua medium pencil in hex


before christmas whilst perusing on the debenhams website i somehow (who knows how :P) added this little pencil into my shopping cart. this is the illamasqua medium pencil in hex which is described as a soft biscuit nude. i bought this pencil as a hopeful dupe to the mac chromagraphic pencils that anna often talks about and makes me wish i had :P as these pencils were limited edition in a collection or i think only available in a pro store i went on a hunt for a dupe. this led me to google and after many a photo swatch comparison i concluded that this would be the one for me.
although the swatch looks slightly dark this colour works perfectly on my waterline to counteract any redness. it helps me to look more alive and bright eyed! this pencil is also pretty long lasting considering where it is being used. although i dont have a mac chromagraphic pencil to compare the two together this colour works perfectly for me and therefore i think is a great dupe =)

  • I absolutely love the Illamasqua medium pencils. Vow is one of my favourite pale colours for lining the eye. I love how they’re multi-purpose too, like the MAC Chromagraphic pencils which as you say, are available at MAC Pro x

  • Ahhh Ive seen Anna mention the mac pencil a few times and Ive been dying to try a nude pencil ever since! The colour looks gorge in your swatch and it looks really soft!xxx

  • I don’t really white pencils on the waterline this looks like such a great alternative ! xx

  • I haven’t come across the Mac ones … seeing as this is a great alternative I might just go for this one although white eye pencils do work fine for me :)

  • I have been after a chromographic pencil for so long and cant justify going all the way to the pro store for it. This looks like an amazing dupe, thank you for sharing :)

  • This looks like a much more subtle alternative to a white pencil. Will have to take a look!