my makeup swap with belgium


i was flicking through my blog posts the other day and found this one sitting in the world of draft alone and unloved. this is what happens when you forget about things! all the beauties pictured above are from a blog swap i did with the lovely marilou a fair few months ago. marilou is from belgium so meant it was the perfect opportunity for me to dive into the world of cover girl and makeup forever


the first thing i asked for was the exact eyelights. this stood out to me on the website as it claimed to brighten your eyes and bring out the colour of your eyes more. i thought this would be perfect to apply before work to make me look more alive, but sadly this did nothing. it doesn’t even curl my lashes. nada. boo you eye lights!


next was the much coveted lash blash waterproof mascara. i was expecting big things for this mascara as all i hear are people raving about it. yes i liked it but it wasn’t an instant wow to me. i felt that it didnt do a lot to my lashes but i think i just expected too much. it is however my new staple work mascara as it helps prevent that dreaded mascara down the face look. i got this in 825 very black and it is a very intense dark black that lasts all day on the lashes


this is the smokey shadow blast in 805 silver sky. this stick i love. partly because saying it makes me feel like im recording a cover girl commercial for americas next top model but mainly because it is great for quickly applying shadow in the morning. the colours you need are there. you simply apply, blend and your done! the colour payoff is great and with a bit of a base it doesn’t crease either =)


my love product! i don’t know how i lived without this foundation before this swap. i love it and even got my friend to buy it when we were out in new york. its the foundation i now turn to when i dont want to think about or worry what foundation to use. it does exactly what it stays on the tin, it lasts well and provides me with no dramas. win


this little product is the outlast all day lip colour in 556 berry preserve. it comes with the colour in one tube and a moisturising top coat in another that is meant to lock in the shine. i dont find the top coat does anything to the colour but i like using it on its own as it makes my lips lovely and soft!
let me know if you want to see any of these products in more detail and i will do a review =)