macadamia healing oil therapy


sticking to my new years resolution of looking after my hair better i recently bought the macadamia healing oil therapy. this is similar to the popular moroccanoil and claims to provide your hair with intense nourishment for tangle and frizz free hair. it also claims to provide natural UV protection and extend the life of colour treatments. the biggest claim is that it reduces drying time by 40-50%. this is down to the oil being absorbed into your hair and pushing water out allowing it to dry faster. all sounds pretty impressive!

i bought this oil on buyapowa and managed to snap it up for £9. i didn’t realise what i bargain this was until i was in westfields with my mum. she spotted a hair dressers that sold it and we went in to ask how much it was and the 125ml bottle was £30! i knew the moroccanoil was around the £30 price point but didn’t realise this was as well so i was chuffed to pick it up at such a discounted price. considering its rrp does this oil actually warrant a £30 price tag?

i use this oil every time i wash my hair. i towel dry my hair then pop in about half a pump (as a pump is way too much even for my long hair) and focus the product on the tips of my hair and then with any excess i run it through the rest of my hair. the oil is very thick (a lot thicker then the vo5 miracle concentrate) and has a bit of a strange male aftershave smell. all that aside it does leave my hair so so soft. even the smallest amount makes a big difference. i dont find it helps with frizz as i still end up with any short hairs standing up in a static frizz nightmare. in terms of drying time it does actually help. whether its 40-50% less im not so sure but my hair does feel dryer quicker.

would i spend £30 on it? i’m not so sure. its a great product but when i know there is good old vo5 miracle concentrate on the market that gives a similar effect its hard to justify spending that much more. however they do offer smaller bottles that can be picked up for less than half the price so its a great way to try it out at a cheaper price tag =)