i’m a bad seed. i caved (urban decay naked 2 pallet review)

i’m a bad person. i’m weak and i’m bad. after coming in from a friends birthday on friday night i found twitter and facebook a flurry about debenhams releasing the urban decay naked2 pallet early online. my hands went far too close to my wallet and at one point i was even trying to put my card details in in the dark (lame or what?!). but i stopped myself, closed my laptop and went to bed. for any normal person the story ends here but not for me. when i awoke on saturday morning i checked the debenhams site out of interest to see if the pallet was still available. it was. next thing i knew it was mine. i have no idea if the pallet has even sold out yet (i heard rumours on twitter it wasn’t) but in the slight fear it would, i purchased. i’m weak i tell you!

and today it arrived

it comes with a lipgloss (boring) and a double ended brush – compared to the first pallet which came with a mini primer potion and a brown and black eyeliner

more importantly. the colours

some are the same as in the first pallet but you get a fair few newbies as well. i’m not to embarrass myself by attempting to swatch this pallet (and also i’m not quite ready to start sticking my fingers in it :P) there are loads of blogs that got the pallet early and already have some great swatches, eg anna link here, so they are the best places to go to see the colours


so is it worth the money and the hype? well i got mine for £36 from debenhams but received 500 bonus points now meaning i have £5 off my next shop which makes the price slightly more bearable. however considering not a single shade in my original naked pallet has a hint of a dent in it i shouldn’t have bought this. i do wear more nude shades now yes but there are only so many versions of taupe and vanilla you can own. i think if you reach for your naked pallet everyday and are a lover of all this nudes then yes go for it. or if your like me and just want something pretty (or couldn’t bare everyone else having one if i didnt :P) then full steam ahead! but try not to let the hype cloud your judgement too much :P

  • I’m dying to get one but I’m waiting for the price to go down! I bet it’ll be £32 like the Naked one! X

  • i love those colours, great for everyday xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  • hopefully in time they’ll replace the lipgloss with something better! i think ill wait a few months and get this for my birthday.. i do love my naked palette and she needs a buddy ha! :) xx

  • I have both Naked palettes. It’s a sickness I tell you!!! But I love them. :D

  • I think after much deliberation with myself Im not going to buy it. I have Naked 1 and I love it. I think I would only be buying this for the sake of having it which is silly. It is so pretty tho….


  • this palette looks gorgeous! I really like the look of the brush are the colours look lovely <3

  • i have the original and i am so split to whether or not to buy this! i reach for my palette daily and all i wear is nudes but i’m sure the price has gone up for the original one! hmmm

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a small giveaway too!

  • Still not sure about getting this, I think the hype makes it more appealing! X

  • Everybody is caving and buying UD Naked version 2! I think it’s just the hype, the shades don’t look that amazing!

  • Everyone’s raving about it, but I’m not sure I’m going to..I think it may be more hype than anything else! xx

  • It’s gorgeous, I want it so badly. Of course I’m not from the UK and have no way of getting it in my country, I’m losing my mind. :( x

  • Makes me so jealous I’m allergic to Urban Decay products!

  • @Romy – no doubt it will be. esp with how many they then ended up releasing im sure you will be able to get your hands on it for a cheaper price xx

    @RavingBeautyx – they are indeed!xx

    @Victoria – yeah i wasn’t too impressed with the lipgloss!xx

    @Leticia – haha it is isn’t it! could’t put it better myself :P xx

    @Jane – yeah thats what i was worried about when i bought it. luckily ive already got quite a lot of use out of it. im forcing myself to make the most of having it!xx

    @laura♥ – it is a beautiful pallet xx

    @chlo witty – i was a bit like that but the hype got the better of me!xx

    @Char! – haha i know damn all that hype!xx

    @beastandbeauty – the shades are nice but a few are the same from last time. it depends how many nude colours you really want/need in your life!xx

    @ButterflyBoo – the hype plays a bit part in a pallet like this xx

    @Summer – aw no way! im sure in time they will release it in different countries xx

    @Rachel Phipps – no way! im guessing you have tried the mua heaven and earth pallet? as that is a pretty good dupe for both the naked pallets xx