glambox – the uk alternative to the kardashian clear cube storage box

i have made a very sneaky purchase
i have made a very sneaky but AMAZING purchase

ladies and gentlemen – boys and girls i introduce to you glambox!

glambox is similar to the kardashian clear cube but is under half the price and available to us in the uk. ever since my makeup stash has spilled out past the single makeup bag point i have been looking at different ways to store and organise my makeup. to date what i have has been perfect but now im not living between uni and home i wanted to invest in a single item that would store everything. i also wanted something clear so i could see everything (for example i had my blushes spread out across 3 different storage systems meaning half the time i forgot what i owned). i had seen some clear cube dupes on ebay but they were still about £100+ and the quality didn’t look that great for the price. then came along glambox. i saw about this company on gem’s blog and instantly knew this was the one. for £89.99 (including postage and packing via ups) it was mine. all i had to do was wait for it to arrive (which only took about 10 days). it arrived very carefully packaged and needless to say i was one happy girl!


i filmed a video whilst my glambox was empty to give you an idea of dimensions and what it looks like. taking photos of a clear box didn’t do it justice! i will be uploading the video to my youtube channel very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

in terms of sizes it comes with 6 draws (all the same depth) and a flip top lid on the top. the height is approx 38.5cm – width 30.5cm – depth 30.5cm and as i like to say each draw it just bigger then 4 mac blushers by 4 mac blushers :P depthwise you can fit in a mac face and body foundation lying flat

so wanna see what it looks like with my stuff in it!?

i decided to keep my pink office organiser from john lewis on the top as its useful to keep my face brushes in and everyday stuff. also i put the foundations on the top for the time being as i hate lying them flat as im paranoid they will separate :P as you can see i also used the top draws from my whsmiths cupcake storage box to act as dividers for eye pencils as at the moment glambox does not offer dividers but apparently they are bringing some out soon!


here is a quick overview of what i have in each draw. my glambox is by no means full (thank god!) i have also kept my lipsticks and lipglosses in their muji boxes as i find it fits them perfectly and keeps some space free in my glambox

draw 1 – face products like blushers, bronzers and highlighters
draw 2 – eye products (now i should make use of my shadows!)
draw 3 – small eye pallets
draw 4 – large eye pallets
draw 5 – eyelashes and random lip stuff
draw 6 – old/empty face products and random face products
here is my glambox in its home – inside my wardrobe. i have also put my muji boxes with my lipsticks and lipglosses in the top compartment

as you can tell i am over the moon with my glambox. i did have some problems with it in the beginning. the first box arrived and was cracked and the draws were cracked. they were ever so helpful and picked up the box (free via ups) the next day and delivered a replacement for free the next working day. sadly even the second box was damaged and i was closed to just asking for a refund. however i contacted glambox again and they were so helpful and said there was a faulty batch at the manufactures so they sent me another replacement from a new batch that was fully checked. 3rd time lucky!
also i know there is a bit of a debate going on about the muji storage boxes and that its better off buying them as they are about £10 for two draws. i have a couple of the muji storage boxes and for my lipsticks and lipglosses yes they are perfect. but (and as i show in my video) you can only fit about 3 mac blushes in a draw and then half the draw is filled. also you can fit a chanel tan universial depth wise but not a mac face and body. it really depends on what size draws you need as if you have smaller products the muji boxes are perfect but i knew for what i needed they wouldn’t be. for me the glambox is perfect and i couldn’t be happier =)

  • Great post! I’d love this! Definitley going on my list for when I finish my buying ban. Think I might need 2 though :-s

  • This is an amazing purchase! Have to get one asap!xx

  • Soooo pretttty! I love acrylic storage although I don’t think I could spend that much on it yet lol xx

  • That’s such great storage! Lovely collection too! X

  • Wow! Never heard of these!!! Going to look right now.

    Thanks so much for the post, I did the same as you at the weekend and tidied all my make up area out take a look.

    Loving your blog.

    Lots of love

    Claire xx

  • Wow! Thats amazing! It really does hold all your makeup nicely! So organized too hehe! :)♥

  • This looks great – it looks lovely! x

  • @Lauren Alice – thanks! it really is great =) quite spacious so you might be able to get away with just one xx

    @The Accessory Stand- Behind the frame – i’m so happy with it!xx

    @Sarah – isn’t it just! i can’t stop looking at it haha and also it makes getting ready for a night out so much easier! everything is now at my fingertips!xx

    @Charl – thanks sweetie!xx

    @PinkChickClaire – they are really great and great quality and size for the money. thanks for your lovely comment!xx

    @Bethany – it does! i love being organised :P haha xx

    @beautybee – i love it!xx

  • this looks so organized, my makeup space is a complete mess!

  • interesting post xx

    my blog :


  • This looks amazing Siobhan! As you know I’ve got the same drawers as your cupcake box, but mine’s rapidly filling up & is a little knackered. This looks like a great upgrade – I just wish I had the £90 spare :( I think I’ll have to make do with a little switch around & tidy for now :)
    Steph xx

  • AHH! I so wish I hadn’t seen this, I’m currently re-decorating my room and have been looking for something sleek and compact to store everything together, this would be ideal! x

  • So glad you got a perfect one in the end hun! Your stash looks fab in it! Gem xx

  • That is amazing! I would love a clear cube too but I think it is waaay over priced. I actually just bought 2 mini versions of these from Homebase today, they are really small but Ive put all my lipglosses, lipsticks and single eyeshadows in them and I love it! I can see everything so well it makes me feel like I will get more use out of all my makeup…

    I have a great blog sale on over on my blog just now if you wana pop over and have a look


  • This looks like such a good idea! And I am so so jealous of your make up collection xx

  • I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, thank youu!! xxx

  • @laura♥ – haha i do love being organised!xx

    @RavingBeautyx – thanks!xx

    @Beauty Daze – aw thanks! my cupcake draws were starting to do my head in and i had stuff in so many different places that i didnt know half the stuff i had anymore. its great now to see everything in one place xx

    @Golden Glow – haha woops sorry! maybe you can sneak one of these into your newly decorated room :p xx

    @flutter and sparkle – me too! im so happy with it =) thanks for all your help xx

    @Jane – i just saw your blog post on those and they do look great i just needed the depth of the draws the glambox offers. great alternative tho xx

    @Josie – haha slightly embarrassed at how big it has got recently!xx

    @Vicky – my pleasure =) xx

  • These are great. I am totally clearly my makeup “collection” to try and make it just one makeup bag and a small box or I would buy one of these. They look really pretty.

    I laughed when I realised you had just described the size using makeup measurements. It should totally be a new unit of measurement.


  • Ooh I love these! Looks fab! xxx

  • @Georgia – i think it should be an official unit of measurement! i asked someone how many mac blushes wide the draws were :P they are important measurement sizes! haha xx

    @Carlito86 – they are =) xx

  • I’ve never seen these before! They’re so good! I really need to invest in more storage and these look perfect with my room being so small!

  • @jennifer june – they are great they house everything yet don’t take up a lot of space xx

  • Wow, this looks amazing! Wish my makeup was as organised as this!

    Amazing blog! I’m now following :) xxx

  • @Dotty Dolly – haha it took a while but i finally got it all organised! thanks lovely xx

  • Thanks for this, it looks brilliant!!
    New follower :)

  • @Scarlett – my pleasure =) thanks lovely xx

  • What thickness is each drawer?, I know you said you can fit a mac face and body but I dont have one of those so how many cms deep would you say each individual drawer is?

  • I tried looking at the website but its gone. do you know where i could purchase this?