nail art virgin

me and nail art are not the best of friends. its fiddly, im impatient and therefore we do not work out. i got given a nail art kit when i was at school and me and my friend stayed up all night going through the book and creating some epic nail art designs. it comes to the next day and they had all peeled off. fail

so onto the next best thing. glitter! i’ve never worn or owned a glitter polish before *shock horror* but after seeing the glitter models own nail polishes all over the bloggersphere i couldn’t resist. glitter polishes help to add a little bit of jazz to a coloured nail polish and give you the impression of ‘nail art’ but with half the work

my first go was with essie mint candy apple and my new love models own juicy jules. i love mint candy apple and juicy jules layered on top gives it that christmas sparkle edge. i loved it so much that i’ve also very quickly added models own pink fizz to my collection! these glitter polishes have inspired me to be a bit more daring with my nail polish choices and to also mix and layer some old classics i have. all hail embracing nail art!