the morning after the night before

i have undergone the showering process!
i am working from home today but woke up at 7.20am to inject the cat as my parents are away (poor thing has diabetes) i was too scared to allow the fake bake tan to develop any further so i jumped straight into the shower. after some scrubbing, a lot of brown water i retreated back to bed and hid in the dark for a while
at a more civilised hour i changed the sheets on my bed, made up a bed ready for my friend tonight and went back into the shower to wash my hair
so how does it look? thankfully better. i look less like antiqued wood and more like ive been in mexico for a month. my face was still very dark so i got my trusty liz earle gentle exfoliater and exfoliated to my hearts desire. the main reason for doing this is that now none of my foundations match my skin :P
in the photos below you can hardly see the tan as the light is flooding through my window. i dont think it helped that last night i took the photos of my self at night with just the trusty living room light to give me some light. also i have no makeup on

Photo on 2011-10-07 at 12.34
Photo on 2011-10-07 at 12.33
Photo on 2011-10-07 at 12.33 #5

as you can see i still have some *ahum* problem areas. needless to say tonight i will not be dancing with my arms in the air or taking any photos next to people :P

haha you’ve gotta laugh!