dove nourishing oil hair care


dove has recently released a new haircare range called the nourishing oil care range. it includes a shampoo, conditioner and express treatment conditioner that all contains nutri-oils that helps to keep your hair soft and shiny

initially i was a bit reserved about this range as i am a volume hair girl at heart. i was worried that this new range would leave my hair flat and lifeless. but i was intrigued what the weightless nutri-oils would do to my hair. before i dived in i did what every person would do and gave it to my mum to try out first :P she jumped at the chance and i had a tough time getting these products back off her!

according to her:
the range made her hair (which she colours at home every month) soft, smooth and manageable. she said sometimes she gets wiry hair that can be a bit unmanageable and won’t hold the style she puts it in. after using this range for a week her hair became easier to manage and looked more healthy, and as she puts it, happy!

so what did i think?
i was impressed that this range did not cause my hair to go lifeless. yes it lacked some volume but that was easily fixed with a bit of vo5 instant oopmh powder (review here) it made my hair visibly softer and ill have to agree with my mum, happier!


i also found another use for the express treatment conditioner (which is sporting the lovely stripe of nutri-oils above!) and that is giving my brushes a deep conditioning. for some reason some of my first sigma brushes have seemed to have give up on life and are shedding like crazy. so i hoped that a spot of deep conditioning treatment would help sort them out. sadly it didn’t but i did the treatment on all my other brushes and they are lovely and soft! job well done =)

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pr sample
  • ewwwwwwww its got yellow bits in it xx

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    Lauren x

  • this sounds so good! my hair is a mess after bleaching it loads and i loved one of their other intense treatments, so after i finish my mass amount of conditioners ill definitely take a look! thanks for the review :)

  • @Lauren x – haha it does indeed but the yellow bit is the good bit!xx

    @Victoria – it really is makes your hair so soft. hope you like it xx

  • It’s really strange the gold stripe but i love the look of it! Look nourishing in a weird way haha

  • @AngieBeautyBelle – i dont mind the gold stripe. thought it was quite cool when i saw it it reminded me of toothpaste :P it is very nourishing and it feels really thick as well (if that makes sense!!)xx