Welcome to Anya-Belle

Welcome to Anya-Belle

As you may have noticed, not only have I been extremely quite on this blog and across all my social media channels recently, something rather significant has changed too…

Welcome to ‘Anya-Belle’, that’s right, I’ve rebranded! It was time to wave goodbye to the past and take a big step forward into embracing the new. You see, I’m not a girl with a beauty blog anymore. I’m a woman with a home, a career, a love of travel alongside an obsession with anything that has the word gelato in it ;) I was feeling stifled and trapped by the word ‘beauty’. Yes I’ve always created content around my passions, not just around my blog name, but I wanted my home on the internet to reflect the person I now am, not the person that created this space on the Internet over 7 years ago.

I started this blog back whilst I was at University, those of you who were here from day dot will remember ‘Stars Glitter Magic’. What can I say, we’ve come a long way ;) That swiftly became A Girl and a Beauty Blog that stood strong for a number of years but still cried out for a refresh.

So here we have it. A new design, a new name and a new logo. Where did Anya-Belle come from? Well I have someone at work to thank for that alongside my parents who popped Anya into part of my middle name. You’ll notice all my social media handles have been updated to @anyabelleblogs and you’ll still see a few design tweaks over the upcoming weeks to iron out any kinks.

I hope you enjoy the spruced up space and bring on the next chapter! xxx

  • Kelly glen

    I’m glad you’re back, I was wondering why you hadn’t posted for a while and what you had been up to. I shall look forward to reading your new posts and what different topics you blog about.

    • Thank you :) Wasn’t sure whether I should go down the rebranding route but I’m really happy now that I have!xx

  • Good to see you back! Warm welcome with your new fabulous name and design! Can’t wait to see what you have for us! xx