Montreal Vlog 2

Montreal vlog 2

It’s time for the Montreal Vlogs – Part Two! The final instalment is short and sweet, showcasing my trip up Mount Royal and some of the beautiful Montreal sights including the Notre-Dame Basilica. Looking back on these videos reminds me of the great memories I made whilst out in the largest city in Quebec. I found you don’t get the usual groups of tourists travelling out towards their next adventure even though the city has so much to offer. If you are looking for somewhere with great culture, gorgeous architect and that New York vibe, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to Montreal.

  • I do remember that the Mont Royal was very badly indicated and we did get lost as well! Love these houses! Great vlog!

    • Considering it’s such a big tourist hot spot I was really surprised! Luckily made it down in the end ;) So glad you enjoyed the vlog!xx

  • Loved the views from up the hill! It’s funny that you called it a mountain though, lol. Living in Switzerland a mountain is something very different to me. Looooove those houses, they’re huge indeed.