The Montreal Vlogs: Part 1

montreal vlog

After spending the majority of November over in Montreal, I’ve cobbled together a few of the clips I took and fashioned it into a part one vlog of my time out in the Canadian city. You’ll spot some classic plane shots, a lot of rambling on my part and the beautiful and vibrant Montreal street art. Sit back, relax, click play and enjoy! Part 2 will be up soon :)

  • Must be SO scary and exciting to do this on your own, even if it’s just for a month! My husband and I moved to Switzerland four years ago, but when you’re in it together it’s a lot less scary. Your flat there was so nice! Love the windows, great views indeed. Can’t wait for the next vlog.

  • Lovely vlog, very interesting to me as I’ve been to Montréal, but only for 2 days, so I know I’ve missed a lot of things! Really love the flat as well!

    • It was lovely being able to spend my weekends exploring, not something you often get the time to do!xx

  • I love your vlogs! They are always so interesting to watch