Three Weeks in Montreal


That’s right folks, three entire weeks have passed since I last updated you, sharing the news that I was hop footing my way over to Canada for work. I stayed in downtown Montreal for the duration of my trip & flew back across Friday night. Yesterday was well and truly spent walking around like a zombie whilst forcing my cat to partake in all the hugs & cuddles! Whilst away I did film shock which depending on how things go may be coming to you in the forms of a vlog/weekly vlogs.

Until that happens though I wanted to share a few snaps I took alongside some recommendations/things you should do if you are ever visiting Montreal. Make sure you are also following me also on Instagram @agirlandabeautyblog as there are loads of Montreal snaps there including some of the snow!

  • Climb Mount Royal. Whether you’re on your own or with a group of friends I highly recommend walking up Mount Royal towards the chalet & viewing platform at the top. I did this on my second Sunday when lucky the weather was crisp with bright blue skies. The view at the top is pretty spectacular and the walk is the perfect warm up ahead of an indulgent hot chocolate!
  • Shop along Sainte-Catherine. Luckily staying in downtown meant that I was a mere 5 minute walk away from the central shopping district. Not only is this home to Montreal’s very own Sephora (praise the makeup heavens) but you also get a whole host of hightstreet favourites along the famous road
  • Get the metro! This might just be my inner transport geek finding this a fun excursion but whether you want to head out to the Biodome or simply want to see what the metro system is like, pick yourself up a Opus card and hop on board! Luckily there are only four lines in Montreal making getting around quick and easy
  • Towards the old port you’ll find Notre-Dame Basilica. I was only able to see this incredible building from the outside (if you want to go inside make sure you have the $5 admission fee in cash!) however whether you go inside or not, it’s well worth a visit
  • Wander up Rue Saint-Urban. On my first full day in Montreal I headed out for brunch with some friends from work which also allowed me to explore some of the streets in the Le Plateau area. Along Saint-Urban you will see vibrant street art, walk past some of the cities most popular bagel shops alongside being able to pop over to Parc La Fontaine
  • Eat poutine! Naturally if you find yourself in Canada you’ve got to try their poutine. Typically it’s cheese curds, chips & gravy however depending on where you go you’ll get a different taste sensation! I’ve found out Montreal locals are very particular about their gravy and not all poutine taste equal! Luckily for me I enjoyed all the different ones I tried ;)
  • Grab some fried chicken from Dinette Triple Crown. For Southern food with a whole host of fun sides such as hushpuppies, corn bread & fried sweet potatoes, head on over to Rue Clark. Also if you are in Montreal during the summer Dinette Triple Crown serve up packed picnic baskets for you to take & enjoy in the park opposite
  • I’ve also go to give a shout out to Bar Waverly up on Saint-Laurent. The home of my Friday nights and the place where I’m still trying to hunt down the DJ for playing the best playlist I’ve heard in a long time #DiscoDiva
  • I do everything by metro here in Lausanne, it’s just so convenient! Thanks for explaining what poutine is, I had no idea, I just knew the word and that was it.

  • Great post! Would love to go to Montréal its a great city! x

  • Karii Zenteno

    So nostalgic! used to live there and reaaaaally miss it; did you know there’s a list of the 10 or so best poutines in the city? and you can try them all the same day (Guilty). Glad to hear you had a great time there! x