Going to Montreal?!


I’ve been keeping a little secret from you, a secret that explains why I’ve been slightly more absent on my blog/Twitter/Instagram than normal. You see today I’m jumping on a plan, flying over to the East Coast where I’ll be setting up camp in a serviced apartment ready to spend the month of November in Montreal. You know those sayings ‘seize every opportunity’ or ‘everything happens for a reason’, well imagine my surprise when I return to the office after a blissful midweek day off celebrating my birthday, to find out in those 24 hours I’d been gone my name has been put forward to help in our Montreal office. Yes, I’ve got a job to do in London. Yes, I’ve literally just got my keys to my flat and yes the time was less than ideal, but there I was with a big smile on my face saying ‘of course, when do you need me there?’

Am I daunted? That’s an understatement but opportunities like these don’t come around often and I’ve always wanted to experience living and working in another country. I’m not quite sure what to expect, obviously when I’m there I’ve got a job to do however I’m hoping the weekend will give amble opportunity to explore the surrounding areas. Not only that, I am really looking forward to saying goodbye to London Transport for a bit and instead being able to relax with my 15 minute walk to the office. Goodbye miserable commute! 

Luckily I know quite a few people in the Montreal office and also have a few friends out there from a company I was at previously. Not only that, I find I react best when I’m thrown into the deep end in a completely new environment where I am literally forced to swim (heres hoping that I do!) I may have also mapped out where my nearest Sephora is, and their 20% sale has just hit, perfect coincidence or what?!

I’ve got my camera packed, ready and waiting to show you the sights which I’m hoping doesn’t just become multiple shots of my desk. Either way it’s going to be an adventure so I better stop procrastinating and finally finish packing!

  • Enjoy your time there! Of course you should grab every opportunity with both hands!

  • expatmuaddict

    So exciting!! I would love to do something like this! Can’t wait to see your adventures! xx

    • Thanks Stacy! Luckily the super cold weather has been holding off so I can head out and explore!xx

  • Kelly glen

    What a great opportunity, I hope it all goes well for you. Can’t wait to see what you get up to.

  • Wow that sounds great! Have a great time in Montreal. I visited over the Summer and it’s a really nice city! And the Sephora I visited there was pretty big ;) Haha. Enjoy your stay!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • Thanks Nicole! Gotta say I’ve already popped into the Sephora here on more than one occasion ;) xx