I Got the Keys!


The day I never thought would happen has finally happened! I’ve signed all the paperwork, I’ve done all the meter checks and I’ve officially picked up my keys to my new home! The reality hasn’t actually sunk in yet, after waiting what felt like an eternity it feels surreal to finally be in the space that I’ve been picturing and imagining for so long.

As it really has been a long time. For anyone that’s been keeping up to date with #AGAABBOnTheMove, you’ll know that I first visited the development back in November 2015 where I signed that reservation form and kick started the legal processes. There was an initial plan of completion in March 2016, that quick pushed to April which became June and suddenly September. Although it was frustrating, they do say everything happens for a reason. Yes my January sale finds were stuck in storage but thankfully nothing got mouldy and it was all still put together in one piece.

I’m really excited to get in and show you around the space. With a half day tagged onto the weekend after I got the keys, I determinedly set up my living room/kitchen. It involved a lot of flat pack construction but the hard work paid off and it’s already starting to feel like home. After years of moving each year at University I’m pretty good at getting settled in, just have to remember not to overdo it with the succulents and cat pictures ;)