Staying Organised


I’ve seen a few posts and videos pop up recently surrounding the theme of organisation. They contain tips and advice of how to keep organised day to day and although they are usually pretty popular, I’ve noticed they generally come from people who work from home. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has to find a way to keep stay on top of work/life however I wanted to share how I keep myself organised when it comes to blogging, work and juggling the two.

Blog – you all know about my pretty epic Google doc that is literally the back bone to my Blog, YouTube channel and Social Media platforms. Without it I don’t think I’d know what day of the week it was! Here I track what I’m blogging about, the category each post fits into, my upcoming YouTube videos and also a handy ‘to do’ tracker to make sure I can tick off every task.

Work – when it comes to the office I’m all about my notebook. You won’t see me in a meeting without my trusty notebook by my side! Anything that needs to be done gets written down, if I don’t it simply won’t happen. Even things I need to chase people to do go into the notebook so I can keep the multiple plates spinning.

Managing Those Emails – no matter the career you are in, emails are part and parcel of the majority of jobs at the moment. The volume of emails you send and receive per day is cray, even finding a system to keep on top of the mails can be tricky. For me, it’s all about colour coding. Anything that I’m waiting a reply on or need to do gets a certain colour allowing me to quickly assess what needs to be actioned when I’m back at my desk.

Life – on those rare occasions when I do get to squeeze in an iota of a social life I live off my iCal. Back in the day I was a filofax girl but you can’t quite well carry one of those around ready for those moments you asked if you are free on the 15th! Instead I put all my social/birthday/gym planning into my iCal so whether I’m at home, at work or on the move, I know exactly what my calendar is looking like.

What tips do you have to stay organised day to day?