#AGAABBOnTheMove Update – Part 2

palm trees

Here we are – slap bang in the month of June and I’m still living at home. With my parents. Believe me you are just as surprised as I am! Considering I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently that the move was imminent I thought I would take today to share a little update. Let’s recap the process: back in November I found a beautiful little flat. Although the location wasn’t within my initial search it was a new build, came with parking & has a bundle of transport links. I took a look around, set my heart on the space, signed the necessary paperwork & parted with the reservation fee. Next we had a few months of contracts going back & forth between solicitors alongside a whole heap of fun with the exchange process, but it got done and the end of March move in date was firmly plonked into my diary.

And now it’s June. To say this entire process has been a long and tricky learning curve is an understatement. You see my flat is ready, my little one bed with a bath 🙌🏻 is ready but alas here I am still surrounded by boxes of plates, cutely, glasses and kitchenware. It’s common for new builds to incur delays and thanks to the storms a few months back we had even more. It’s frustrating to say the least, being impatient by nature doesn’t help but I’m trying to put it to the back of my mind. It will happen…one day and for now I’m continuing to scour the internet for the perfect budget friendly dining chairs.

A bit of advice from the process so far?

  • A mortgage broker is invaluable and in my opinion worth every single penny I’ve paid
  • If you don’t have a broker keep a close eye on when your mortgage offer expires. Mine did and it’s good to get in early to ensure a new offer is secured
  • Developers don’t like communication and when they do it will be a resounding ‘everything is on track’
  • Don’t order a sofa. Back in January I thought I was being a smart arse getting ahead & buying mine ready for that move in date. Now instead I’ve got a sofa sitting in the John Lewis warehouse 2 months past the initial delivery date #whoops
  • Try not to get precious about dates. I’m the kind of person that likes to plan everything but in this instance I’ve learnt to ignore every date I’ve been given. I’m attempting to go with the flow!
  • Know it will happen. Not matter how many delays you experience or how long the date keeps pushing by, remember it will happen. One day