Are Blogs Dying?

are blogs dying

Something pretty shocking happened the other day, I checked my Bloglovin unread count and it was hitting the high 700’s. Never before has the number been that high, a mere 300 unread posts would result in a shock induced blog reading sesh to clear through the stash. But it’s true something has changed. Even though I’m a blogger & a content creator, my love for reading blogs has diminished. Honestly, my stats are at an all time low but how can I complain when I myself have stopped reading the very content I create?

Does this in fact mean blogs are dying? Content creators are booming with popular Instagram accounts tempting us with their lavish lifestyles, then we have Snapchat quickly on its heels. These more instantaneous content platforms have surpassed everyones expectations in terms of popularity, so where does this leave the humble blog? Those of us who focus all our efforts & content into this singular platform, will we forever be left chasing behind? Is there a way to switch up the traditional blogging format to integrate it more with these newer platforms? Or will readership continue to fall and fade away?

Right now I don’t have the answers. We can all see that the money gets made by being a social influencer, huge bloggers move to the world of YouTube and their once humble blog gets forgotten about in the midst, but what about those of us that don’t want that? That just want to blog? Yes it can be disheartening if the volumes of people heading to your site each day keeps getting smaller, but remember what counts. People are looking, reading, commenting and engaging. Surely at the end of the day that’s all that matters? Everything else is just a bonus. As long as you are having fun & love your content ease off that pressure dial.

Blogs are evolving and finding their new place amongst the social dominated world we all currently live in. Everyone is embarking on this wild journey together and I’m saying don’t give up hope. Who knows what the next big thing will be and where all this will be in five years time. I’m just hoping that this incredible world will still have a place for the humble blog as you’ve gotta admit, they are pretty awesome :)

  • I’ve definitely noticed a similar thing – more people focusing entirely on Instagram as content creators and less people spending time really developing their blogs to a professional standard. For a while now I’ve felt that I’m never going to get to the level I want without expanding onto Youtube, as that seems to be where a lot of people are now consuming beauty content but that hasn’t really ever been something that’s interested me. I’m definitely interested to see the industry’s direction over the next couple of years.

    • Like you say it will be interesting to see where the next five years takes the industry. It’s hard not to feel like you have to go down the YouTube route to get traction but it’s just not what everyone wants to do!xx

  • expatmuaddict

    This was a really interesting post because I have had barely any time to read blogs recently-even the ones I love. I am more likely to click into a post when I see a link to it on twitter (as I did with this post) rather than follow my bloglovin feed. Yet every morning when I put my make up on I am totally up to date with my youtube feed because i just play the videos as I get ready. And if I am not having the time to read then how can I expect people to have the time to read mine?

    I have to say that I love snapchat but at times find it quite overwhelming to get through especially when people have very long stories-but I have long stories so yeah-vicious circle! xx

    • I’m exactly the same it was only when I saw the number of unread posts I realised how little I actually read blogs anymore! It’s hard because I love creating content on my blog but retaining any readership is really tough at the moment xx

  • This is a great post and a subject that can be discussed over and over. I really feel that platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are actually taking over blogs. I hope this isn’t the case but one day blogs could be a thing of the past. Nowadays people don’t need a blog to get somewhere with blogging as they’re picked up on these other platforms. In my personal opinion I prefer blogs as I can really get into the posts, their writing style, pictures and get more of a true feel of the person. I too have seen a drop in my stats on my blog which is upsetting as I put so much time and effort into it. xo

    • They really are – the more instant and shot content seems to be what people are preferring. Back in the day it was someones blog that was the focus point but now it’s like an afterthought for most content creators. It’s a shame and I hope it doesn’t mean that blogs will end up being a thing of the past xx

  • As much as I don’t want it to happen, I think blogs may become a thing of the past, and when that will be, who knows? Then again saying that, I know the only reason I haven’t been keeping up with reading other people’s blogs is because I’ve been so busy because it’s coming up to the end of the school year, it’s exam season, and I go on holiday in two weeks (woo!) meaning I probably won’t be reading any then either. I believe bloggers have more of an influence/following on instagram and being someone who doesn’t have much of an instagram following, I find it so disheartening because my blog is my baby- I try to put so much effort into it and when I see my page views and bounce rate falling I can’t help but think is all this hard work even worth it?!
    Hopefully when summer finalllllly comes, people will have more time to read and appreciate blogs again!
    Cloe X

    • It’s becoming so much more about the influencer now then it is about the blog. It’s hard when people invest so much time into blogs but it can be lost against the stream of content from Instagram/Snapchat etc xx

  • This is a good discussion worthy post. I hope blogs don’t become a thing of the past, just because of new social media platforms. Luckily i just like blogging for the sake of it and its something too look back onto when I’m much older. But for someone who wants this to be their full time career, it could be very hard to make a good earning out of it. Thank you for sharing xx

    • I hope they don’t too it’s just hard to see their place at the moment especially with readership falling xx

  • Sophie

    I have to agree I have seen a drop in my stats also, I’m comforted by the fact I’m not the only one. Instagram has taken over and Snapchat isn’t far behind, bt as the other ladies have said, a blog post is a lot more beefy and gives you a chance to really showcase the photos you have taken, Instagram doesn’t always give you that privilege. With so many bloggers areound I guess it can be quite overwhelming, but I agree, don’t give up, if your content is good enough people will recognize that and give you the credit you deserve :) xx

    • I totally agree! The stats shouldn’t drive your motivation – yes it can hep but as you say if you love creating the content then people will still love to read it :) xx

  • Hmmm, yeah, you may be on to something here… I also feel that there’s a shift happening, away from conventional blogging and to social media connecting.

    • Totally – it’s all about the influencer and their social media platforms then the traditional blogger!xx

  • I definitely feel this way as well and it feels like things are changing – it’s hard to explain. In a year or two things will be so different than they are now, and it’s hard to predict in what way.

  • How can you check your unread count?! Blogging right now is just SO hard, harder than ever really!

    Sophie x

    • Haha it comes up on the app! I was shocked! It’s a shame readership is falling as blogs are so creative and inspirational I hope they don’t get pushed to the side by the big social media wave xx

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    I don’t think they will ever die because that decision is ours. The majority of people will eventually stop reading blogs and will search for content in different platforms. Like it happened with magazines and newspapers (but they haven’t died… yet). As bloggers, it should be our duty to use those other platforms to attract more readers to our blogs, but it is hard when some are just forgetting their blogs and focusing on where they can get more money or reach a broader audience. I don’t think it will change much for those who blog as a hobby (afterall, it used to be just an online diary in the old days, right?) as it will for those who mantain it as a job/income source.

    New in Makeup

    • Very true and hopefully there is enough people that continue to blog that this platform will remain throughout all the technological changes xx

  • Kizzi Webster

    I really hope they’re not dying – especially since I have only just started and am trying to grow my blog! I also really love blogging and hope that people keep on reading even with everything else as there is something different about reading on a blog then watching a video!

    • I think as long as people are still passionate about blogging, there will still be people to read the content it just won’t be the same numbers it once was. Hopefully it doesn’t discourage people to start a blog!xx

  • I’m with you here. I love blogging, don’t have the confidence (or the glorious, flawless face/house) for YouTube… And I love writing! That’s why we all started, wasn’t it? A love of beauty, and writing about it? Honestly, I’m also not up for this whole “my life is perfect” Insta-Barbie scenario – it’s just not true, and it’s just not me. I’ll stick to writing and try to weather the storm!

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  • I hope they’re mot dying! I recently started my blog and i’m having so much fun with it! I love it soo much! <3 Lovely post! Loved hearing your opinion

    Amelia |

  • I totally get where you’re coming from with this one! It’s frightening, but I love writing and blogging is just so much fun!
    – Ambar x

    • I think the next two years will be very telling and it will be interesting to see what happens with the Snapchat generation next!xx

  • beauty ardour

    great post and so true. I don’t think anyone could have imagined how blogs, instagram, youtube etc would become what they are today- MASSIVE platforms, little communities and for those lucky enough, careers. It’s a thriving yet very new niche and so will constantly evolve, especially in the next few years. No one knows what will happen, but although things may shift or change, I don’t think blogs will be a thing of the past. I hope not anyway! you have a fab blog :) xo

    • I think if anyone did they would be a very rich individual haha! Hopefully there will always be a place for the humble blog as I love them so dearly even if the readership isn’t what it used to be xx

  • I feel as though less people are reading other people’s blogs because there are so many out there and we all want the same thing, it’s so easy to get caught up in your own blog or life you forget about others (I’m guilty of this). I have a slight feeling that this will filter out those who don’t love blogging as much as some (those who only want free stuff etc) and leave those who are 100% dedicated, I don’t know just a thought -xo

    • That’s true – as it does take a lot of hard work and dedication to continue with a blog. But hopefully people do! Social media is cool but blogs are content that can’t be lost after a 24 hour window!xx

  • Karii Zenteno

    I think we’re shifting to other platforms, just because its easier, I mean you were going to check ig and snapchat anyway, we like to feel we’re “connected”, the practicity, It could also be because it feels more direct maybe.

    Personally I stopped using my bloglivin’ account (so I wanst reading blogs) for a long while, just because I wasnt in the mood, it felt like I wasnt that interested anymore, I wanted something else, during that time I also stopped using youtube. That being said, I continue to use blogs to read reviews of specific products trusting the ones i’ve read before or used to frequent and of couse food blogs, (im a foodie).

    I feel like for me it went from something I used to love to something that ended up feeling as a sort of chore? Sometimes I miss it, others not so much, but im slowly getting back into it,

    • I feel the same, social media is more instant and I love the constant new and fresh content. Hopefully blogs will stick through these changing times as I still love reading my favourite bloggers and like you say using the blogs I trust for product reviews xx