Managing Social Media Stress

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Life is bloody stressful. With social media capturing our attention 24-7 it can be hard to manage expectations or even your own level of realism. Don’t get me wrong I am hooked on Snapchat. I find it fascinating that we are able to look at snapshots of people’s lives from around the world taking a glimpse at Passover or The Everest Base Camp. It’s mind-blowing that we now have the technology to be connected to strangers across the other side of the world sneaking a glimpse into their lives. It’s super cool but man can it be stressful too. All of a sudden we have the ability to compare ourselves and our day to day lives to millions. Great right? Not so much when you are a twenty something year old woman wrapped in the world of comparison and scrutiny.

So how do you survive a stressful day? Naturally a quick 20 minute break to catchup on the latest snaps can sound quite relaxing but in hindsight it only adds to the pressure. Recently I’ve found it increasingly hard to switch off. I might relax on the sofa watching the latest Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode however mere moments later you’ll find me with my phone also in hand scrolling through Instagram or Twitter. The ability to just be is suddenly unachievable. I once had a beauty treatment where I was wrapped up in cling film obvs and was told to just lie there for 45 minutes. It was torture. I spent the entire time working out how to jump down and grab my phone.

My brain is always going a mile a minute, thinking, planning, wondering. It’s a skill required for my job but when I come home it can feel near on impossible to rest that over-active mind. Even on holiday I’ve lost the ability to relax with a book, instead I’m scrolling through Bloglovin or my YouTube subscription feed. I tell myself it’s okay as it’s what I enjoy to do however in reality it fills my mind with more people, opportunities, skills I want to emulate, incorporate or simply feel I can never match. With influencers forever being present, even on holiday, how do we compete? When the leaders never take a day off to rest it feels like the treadmill has gone up a notch and our legs are panicked in response.

I adore seeing inside exotic holidays dreaming of my next trip away but I can never stop myself from wondering how their partner feels with them always having a camera or phone in tow. Yes it’s the world we live in, constantly documenting our lives has become normality however it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I think I have to remind myself that the world doesn’t end if I don’t know what’s happening. It’s not a life requirement to keep up and ultimately being able to recite everything a blogger got in a recent unboxing haul doesn’t give you an advantage in your next big work meeting. Just like what we see in the news we have to take social media with a pinch of salt and if we find ourselves getting too wrapped up it’s a sign to take a step back. Run yourself a bath and simply read a book. Turn your phone into airplane mode for a couple of hours. Go outside! Go for dinner with a friend and leave your phone in your bag. Life is happening right in front of us not just through our phones so breakaway, clear your mind and remember, you are awesome too.

  • Loved reading this. I am learning to not go on my phone as much, if me and my partner are having tea at home or out I always say no phones just so we actually talk and make more effort. It is so easy to get attached to your phone and I often find myself scrolling away but not really looking!

    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    • So glad you enjoyed it :) I think it’s really important to have our phones out less in day to day life xx

  • Laura

    I’m finding it really hard to juggle social media at the moment. I love it but constantly feel the pressure to up my game!

    L x

  • I actually get stressed out and feel pressure if I don’t post an Instagram photo for a while, I feel like if I don’t keep my accounts active I will lose followers. It’s so silly because it’s really not that important. Thanks for the reality check, there are much better things in life than my iPhone, great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • Cheryl Woodman

    So true! I follow a lot of entrepreneurs on social media and I can’t tell you HOW overwhelming it is sometimes with all the different tips ‘n strategies out there! I’ve recently ‘committed’ to just a few so that I can focus and stop feeling like I’m getting pulled in a million different directions… and breath ;)

    • I find that sometimes with all the healthy eating. Do this not that but now do this it can get really overwhelming!xx

  • This is truly a great post and a great advise, I think it can make matters worse to watch bloggers traveling everywhere when you are already having a hard time! And I would also add as well that when somebody is too present on social media I find myself getting bored very easily!

  • Yiotou_La

    I agree, it could be quite stressful and sometimes, I find myself so stressed with all these and I want to throw my phone out of the window and set myself free haha! So many things to do during the day, emails, messages, calls, instagram, fb, blogging, etc etc. Our mind needs some rest and taking time off is only good.


  • Fellow overactive mind here. It can be SO annoying! Especially when you’re TRYING to relax but just get your brain out of overdrive. I should really learn to turn off my phone more often…

    • Totally agree it is so hard to switch off when I can’t sit still – doesn’t give my brain the chance it needs to slow down xx

  • I can so relate! Tonight I was at yoga and when we were supposed to be relaxing, I was lying there thinking about instagram hashtags

  • I totally agree with you, social media can get too much! It’s so important to take a break from it now again.
    – Ambar x

  • Its insane how much I have related to this post. I am addicted to social media, I am constantly glued to my phone or laptop. My boyfriend is always telling me to get off my phone or taking it from me because I’ll be sat on it when he gets home from work and until its time for us to go to bed haha, I just cat help myself. I definitely need to put my phone on aeroplane mode for a few hours a day! -xo

    • It’s crazy how normal it has become in our day to day lives that we don’t actually know how to switch off anymore!xx

  • Definitely agree with you!
    I have rules on events or occasions where I just don’t take photos and love completely in the morning. It’s so important to remove yourself from the cycle of constant connection and just enjoy what’s going on.



  • This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing. It’s so important to live in the moment and step away from social media. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a great rest of your day.
    – Elise XO

  • Thanks for sharing!! It’s hard to break away from social media but I have forced myself on weekends I do not do social media

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • I relate to your words a lot, this is so true and horrific at the same time. I didn’t use to be as I am know. I didn’t even own a smartphone until last summer and I was so proud of my old super-resistent Nokia. I used to read a lot, like a book a week, and now I struggle with concentration when I try to read a page. I think we need to self-discipline ourselves and know when it’s time to unplug and take a break from all this social media thing. I’d rather be a well-balanced person that knows how to enjoy a moment than a succesfull blogger, not if this is the price I have to pay.


    • Very true words – just because these platforms are available and popular it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or a good thing to become ‘obsessed’ with. I used to read books on holiday and loved it, now I hardly do that any more instead trying to stay hooked to the wifi to watch the latest YouTube video! It is a slippery slope for sure xx