#AGAABBOnTheMove Update

new flat

Before the week gets underway and we are indulging together in a new beauty post, I thought I would do a little update about my big move. The last time I believe we spoke about the whole housing business was back when my parents and I packed up our lives and departed our home of 28 years. Heading further west, my move to this house was always temporary, a place for me to call home until I could set myself up in my very own space. That home has been found and as I shared back in this post we signed the paperwork, put down the reservation fee and hoped for the best!

Since then my flat is starting to look a little bit more liveable! Those pink plasterboard walls have been replaced with a kitchen, there is an oven sitting pride of place and I don’t mean to be a show off but I even have kitchen cupboards! The bathroom is still looking pretty bare but it’s exciting to see the space take shape. Although we are now almost 3 months down the line, exchange hasn’t happened. Don’t get me wrong I’ve signed many a contract however we have had a few delays with the developer and the overall completion date has shifted by a month.

Let’s just say I know a heck of a lot more about insurance, developers, mortgage offers and contracts that I would like! Luckily I’ve got a solicitor who knows this game a lot better then me and has enabled me to take the safe approach even if it does take a little longer. It’s incredible how many hold ups, changes or checks that need to happen and my best advice to anyone in this situation is don’t rush it. If it’s right, it will work out and although I wish I was sitting on my brand new sofa, it doesn’t hurt to be on one which has my cat and underfloor heating ;) To bide my time I’m continuing to put together my dream decoration wish list, cut it down to those items I can actually afford whilst sniffing out the best deals and offers ready for when moving day hits.