This Week I’ve Been… Christmas Roundup


With last weeks catchup making way for a Boxing Day special full of sale items and bargains to grab online, today I’ve got rather a lot to catchup you up on! It’s been a glorious old week off work, relaxing on the sofa and consuming all the food in the entire world well thats what it feels like! I’ve had a rather chilled affair, no running wild across the country or hotfooting my way on trains and buses. Instead I’ve kept things local, low key and I’ve loved it. Before I jump into the pictures roundup, I’ve gotta mention Matilda. Currently on over at the Cambridge Theatre it is one of the best show I’ve seen in the West End. Full of inspired staging, fantastic music and incredible cast, I highly recommend a trip!

This Week I’ve Been…

Indulging in Christmas burgers – ah the run up to Christmas aka when all restaurants start sharing their take on all the Christmas food packed inside a single burger, sandwich or pie. Hey, I’m not complaining and this festive treat from Blacklock in Soho was incredible

Applying all the new makeup at once – something about receiving new makeup on Christmas Day means you simply have to apply it all at once! Yes it may have meant I was rocking some seriously 60s black liner and a face full of blush but it’s allowed. It’s Christmas!

Staring in amazement at the Christmas Day feast – the spread this year was something else! Although I wasn’t able to get into full on feast mode on the day it did mean I could spend the entire evening heading back to the table and filling my plate up with more

Ogling the display over at Fresh – whilst in town in other day I stumbled across a Fresh store aka one of the most beautiful stores in the land. Bursting full of fragrances, lip balms and all things sweet you really can’t go wrong with a trip into Fresh

Admiring the sights of Regent Street – although the run up to Christmas Day was a tad gloomy we have had some rather glorious weather over the past week. Bright blue skies and crisp winters air, London really comes alive on a day like that

Seeing in the New Year with friends & prosecco – yes the big NYE night can be overhyped and overpriced but you can’t beat ringing in midnight with a glass of prosecco in your hand and friends by your side. Bring on 2016!

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  • I can so relate to half of these, mainly the one about putting on all the new makeup you got given!
    Parie x

  • You rounds ups are so fun to read!

    • Aw I’m so glad you enjoy them – not sure how much they will be around in 2016 but maybe I throw a couple in each month ;) xx

  • Holly Olivia

    I’ve never heard of fresh before but it sounds so nice! x