The Sunday Share – Post Party Skin

post party skin
post party skin
post party skin

With the festive social calendar kicking into action, parties, food and late nights are suddenly a regular occurrence. It’s officially the time to indulge and although I like to make it a personal mission to eat as many Christmas meals as possible, it’s important to remember to take proper care of your skin during this time. The layers of makeup, multiple glasses of prosecco and late nights all play havoc with your once perfected skincare routine. Here are a few tips and tricks to care for your skin whilst out enjoying the lead up to Santa day:

  • Masks. This is the time of year to grab your favourite purifying, radiance boosting and hydrating masks so you can put back into your skin what alcohol, dehydration and glitter eyeshadow takes out
  • Water. All day everyday the more you drink the better you’ll feel
  • Makeup free Sunday. If you can throw in a makeup free day where all you do is simply spritz tired out skin with a hydrating mist, your skin will thank you
  • Don’t forget to take it off. Makeup you cheeky minx! No matter the hour or length of time you’ve been out dancing, always take your makeup off
  • Prepare your skincare routine. At times where I might be less inclined to double cleanse I set out my skincare bits before hitting the town so I know when I get home there are simply no excuses
  • Smoothies. Grab yourself a green juice or superfoods smoothie. A great way to get those nutrients back into your body
  • Eye creams and masks. The best thing to help those puffy eyes, eye masks are essential for this time of year
  • Such a good post for this time of year haha! Nothing nicer than a face mask the day after too much prosseco! xx

  • Yep, water water and more water! During the holiday season I tend to drink less water (and more alcohol, lolz) and I can really tell the difference in my skin and in the way I feel.

    • It makes a huge difference doesn’t it! Water all the way (with a glass of prosecco in hand of course!)xx

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    What’s your favorite eye mask?

  • I always try to drink more water whenever I know there’s going to be photos involved, it really makes the difference!

    Sara – She Who Is Short