The Sunday Share – My Christmas


Although Christmas is technically over I’m not quite ready to pack up the Christmas tree, hide away my festive jumpers or get back into my normal day to day routine. This week still counts as ‘Christmas’ right?! As I didn’t upload a video on Friday (soz too busy eating roast potatoes and stuffing my face with chocolate malt cake) I thought I would pop up a little festive treat today. In the run up to Christmas I donned my point and shoot camera to grab a couple of clips in the run up to the big day aka filmed all the Christmas lights along the streets of Soho!

Included is my last day at work ahum taking the longest lunch break in the world over at Shoryu, our festive decorations at home and also a couple of clips from Christmas Eve where my parents and I headed out to our old local pub for a delicious meal. Hope you all had the most brilliant three days and that they were filled with fun and laughter and you all ate enough pigs in blankets to last you the rest of the year!