This Week I’ve Been… Finding my Fun


Do you ever get to the point where you run on such autopilot your forget that your actually living? I know things are getting deep over here on my weekly roundup! The past two weeks at work have been intense, not in a ‘I’m back working 16 hour days type of intense’ instead it’s been more of an emotionally draining experience trying to support people. We’ve lost that laughter, that comic relief that moment to simply be human. Everything can get so serious you forget to have fun, we all handle pressures in different ways but we all feel better when we smile. With Christmas on the horizon and the social calendar starting to fill up my December mission is fun. Who’s with me!?

This Week I’ve Been…

Finding theBalm in Superdrug say whaaaat?! – when I was in Superdrug last weekend over in Westfields Shepherds Bush, not only were all the displays sporting a brand new design, theBalm was sitting there front and centre. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this brand in a store, it’s a great way to see all the colour and palettes available and also get your hands on their cult highlighter #gimmiethatglow

Waiting to unwrap something special from CT – I bought the advent calendar. I’m saying I bought it simple for my Christmas Gift Guide (like I am with a lot of things at the moment) but the truth is I just simply fell for the secret 12 doors stocking some CT minis, full sized and new products that I’m finding very hard to wait until I open them up!

Electronic love – I’ve been an iPhone gal for a fair few years opting to upgrade every couple. After my 5s was on the slowdown and this new rose gold/pink business happened I simply had to join the party! Let’s just say it’s phone love, I’ve got a clashy gold pineapple case to go with it and I’m all about that 3D touch ;)

Dreaming of Shake Shack – fun fact. I’ve only ever had Shake Shake in Dubai. I don’t know if that’s some intense 21st Century problems or just a lavish fact because it means I can indulge in a burger treat without having to queue (just have to fly for 6 hours!) Needless to say they need to get all Five Guys by having one on ever corner so I can pick up those crinkle cut fries and milkshakes to go

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  • Aww nice post chick! Hope some of your work pressures subside and you feel a bit better soon. I’m so envious you have the CT advent calendar, ahh look forward to seeing a little post on it. I actually decided to save me pennies and bought a cute advent calendar from Wilko for a fiver. It has nail treats in it! Would looove to go to shake shack, their burgers look soo good! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    • It was defo one of those moments when I clicked the checkout button with my eyes closed!! Bring on December :) xx

  • I have just got the new rose gold 6s too. It is so beautiful

    Lauren x |

  • OMG! I would be SO happy to receive the CT advent calender. The price is rather steep, so I’ll be passing this year. But perhaps Santa would think that I was a very nice girl this year? :-) That rose gold Iphone 6S is also welcome ;-) great gifts to yourself, you deserve them! x