This Week I’ve Been… Bracing the Cold


Well hasn’t the weather turned! Over the past few days that blustery cold wind has become icey cold to the core. Jumpers, scarves, even hats are being called into action to keep me warm on the short walk home from the station. The run up to Christmas is officially go, I’m counting 4 full weeks left at work *does a happy dance* and the kickoff for Christmas socials and parties are starting to trickle in! It’s always different this time of year as you get older, the magic and sparkle wear off and that special time of year manages to arrive before you are ready. I say let’s deck the halls, dust off our Christmas jumpers and get into the swing of things!

This Week I’ve Been…

Getting ready for my Christmas Gift Guide week – that’s right an entire week dedicated to Christmas Gift Guides is coming live from Monday! Kicking off the week with skincare and ending with a stocking filler video on Friday. It’s time to get festive!

Embracing the Christmas mugs – although the Starbucks mugs aren’t overly festive, I’ve been loving the Costa cups this year. A perfect excuse to indulge in a sneaky hot chocolate on the way to work however I say – bring back the honeycomb syrup!!

Dabbling over delectable powder draws – when you finally have your makeup all organised it can be a beautiful site to ponder over come morning when you are deciding what look to go for. Bronzed up face? Rosy cheeks? Highlighted cheek bones? It’s all to play for :)

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