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sunday inspiration

Inspiration. That word that can cause a feeling of dread to wash over a creative person when they are lacking ideas or creative passion. When you are a content curator (whether that be in a digital or non digital form) inspiration can cause a massive high when you are feeling motivated  to get stuck in and produce content you are super proud of however it can also leave you feeling lost and confused on those days where inspiration seems to vanish. If you are a daily blogger, creating content 365 days a year, how do you keep that inspiration tap flowing?

At the moment I’m struggling through that empty phase, post my Christmas Gift Guide and after spending the past three days in bed, I’ve lost my mojo as they call it. I don’t feel passionate about a specific product or thing to throw together a blog post and my brain is fighting to locate that missing spark. Sometimes you just can’t so instead of forcing together a post that will sound extremely artificial I thought I would share the avenues that inspire me in an attempt to reignite that part of my blogging brain.

  • Read. Magazines, blogs, articles. Anything that will get your brain ticking, your thought machine processing and ultimately reawaken your creative side
  • Write. I’m not talking anything specifically, just write whatever is in your head. Sometimes you can struggle to create content as your brain is awash with other thoughts, concerns or day to day stresses. Writing can help empty your mind whilst also reminding you what it is you love to create
  • Looks Around You. What’s happening down the road? What’s your mum cooking in the kitchen? Remove yourself from the comfort of your room and step outside to open up your mind
  • Strike up Conversations. Sometimes the most creative ideas come from a good conversation with my friends. Understanding what other people are passionate about or simply talking about how you are feeling can unlock that hidden door to where the inspiration lies
  • Watch. Although when I’m lacking inspiration I want to delve in and force a post or video idea to appear from nowhere, at times I simply need to admit defeat and kickback with a TV series. Switching off allows me to ease off those creative pressures as inspiration can never be forced
  • Don’t be so Hard on Yourself. When I feel out of my day to day routine or lack ideas I can tend to panic. Why can’t I think of anything? Why are all my photos so pants in the dark winter lit sky? You can’t be perfect and remember the reason why you love blogging is because of the ability to be honest and true to yourself. Never let that get lost in the day to day hype of content creating

How do you find inspiration when the creative light has gone out? Do you ever find yourself going through a slump where you struggle to produce content that you want to share? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • alicekatex

    Love this post :)

    Sometimes I want to talk about things going on in the world but my blog is beauty related and think that people wont really like it though xx


    • It can be hard to break away from the norm but at the end of the day your blog should reflect what you want to talk about, whatever that subject may be :) xx

  • Great post!! As I work so many hours a day, I find it hard sometimes to be inspired to write when I get home rather than relax and watch a film etc

    Lauren x |

    • It can be difficult especially when you don’t have the time to be creative or allow a post to happen naturally xx

  • Lovely post! As i’m currently at university three days a week – I find it hard to be inspired. Just started a blog.

    Kirstylou |