The Sunday Share – I Think I Have a Flat!


Guys – I think it’s happened!! Even putting these pictures together I had a slightly twinge of ‘don’t jinx anything, please don’t jinx anything’ but the reservation fee has been paid, the paperwork has been signed and I just have to tell the solicitor to go go go tomorrow! Still this doesn’t feel real, after dreaming of my own place since being back at Uni and following all the hassle and failed viewings we have gone through with pretty useless estate agents (sorry if you are an estate agent) I was starting to think this just wasn’t on the cards for me. But luckily, last weekend my luck changed and we said very excitedly with a tad of trepidation ‘yes!’

The flat itself isn’t ready until March, these photos are of it’s current state. It is a new build conversion from an office block meaning I get a brand new never lived in before flat that comes with swanky furnishings, a washer, fridge, oven and big open windows. Bliss! As I was moving into a place on my own I wanted to limit the amount of DIY I would need to do. I know you can make any space your home but with long hours at work and a limited budget I just wanted the place to be as perfect as possible.

Before going into this search location was everything to me. I didn’t care what the place was like (within reason) as long as I was on a highstreet with shops and bars as my disposal. I’ve always been a city girl within walking distance or a bus/train ride away so looking for the right location was key. Imagine how I felt then when I was in the perfect location but didn’t like a single flat. Was the flat itself actually more important? Where I’ve gone for is further out then I initially planned but it’s bigger, quite a bit bigger then the boxes you find nearer the centre of the city. It’s an open plan kitchen/living room, decent bedroom size with storage in the hallway and a bath. The amount of places I’ve seen that just come with a shower!

Ultimately I’m really happy with what we’ve found and just have to work out a way to make these next few months whizz by. I’ve also got some footage for a Moving Series #4 – me settling into my parents place that I’ll upload this week. I have got some footage of the new flat but that will be shared when I move in :)