This Week I’ve Been… Settling In


It’s officially been a week in the new place! At first it didn’t feel real, I guess because the initial four days I wasn’t at work, my normal routine was thrown off anyway so instead it almost felt like we were just playing house in this new place until we returned back to our home. But nope! We are still here! It only really hit me when I first commuted home after work, something about being tired on my first day back you want the comfort of home at the end of the train so wrapping my head around going back to a different place was weird to say the least! We are getting there though and slowly unloading everything from the garage so it’s really starting to feel like our home.

This Week I’ve Been…

Indulging in biskies – if you find yourself in Soho go to Cutter & Squidge. Actually, stop what you are doing right now, go to Soho and go to Cutter & Squidge! A new bakery that has popped up which sells biskies. Oh yes I kid you not, biskies. A sandwich desert filled with buttercream, homemade jams & caramel. Oh buddy are these delicious!

Checking out new salons – if you saw my post about Vixen & Blush where I got my icy blonde tips in my hair, this is a peak inside their new salon over by Oxford Street. I love the vibe and open space and more than that, I even got to flick through the infamous Kim KW Selfish book! Take a look on my post all about it here

Lapping up jam jar cocktails – when a cocktail comes in a jam jar, you know you are in for a good night. Especially when said cocktail is full of berry and citrus goodness and also huge inside. I’ll take three please ;)

Sharing an important release – skincare brand Kiehls have teamed up with the MTV Staying Alive foundation to raise money to fight HIV/AIDS. Tinie Tempah designed this limited edition Ultra Facial Cream where £2 of every sale will go directly to the foundation

Falling in love with new beauty – I looked at Sephora. I bought from Sephora and I have fallen in love with two new coconut finds. I’m not going to say too much as a full post will be up next week but expect a lotta love to be dished out for this coconut hydration spray and primer!

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