This Week I’ve Been… On The Move


What a week! Arrived back from Dubai on Saturday, celebrated my birthday Monday and packed up our 28 year old family home on Thursday! It has been a none stop roller coaster ride over the past week and it’s nice to finally be in the new place and start getting settled. I’ve found however with this move my impatience has hit another level. Unable to sit still and wanting everything to be done at once there are currently 5 boxes in my room I am ‘in the middle’ of unpacking #TypicalMe. I’m starting to get a spot of cabin fever after being pretty house bound the past two days so I’m hoping to make a break today, that’s if my legs will let me after giving up thanks to carrying too many boxes. I swear I had some strength in me somewhere!

This Week I’ve Been…

Lunchin at the Sky Gardens – to celebrate my day of birth (I know, have I said that enough times this week yet?!) I headed out for lunch with my parents at the Sky Gardens. If you want to find out more about the indoor jungle and restaurant checkout my post here

Cracking out some new Charlotte Tilbury – there aren’t many beauty brands at the moment that instantly result in me turning to heart eyed emoji goo like Charlotte Tilbury does. Now available in John Lewis her #WhoCouldYouBe campaign encourages you to try out one of her iconic looks. Here is me giving the Ingénue a whirl

Eating a lotta cake – birthdays = cake. I mean duh! This year my butter loaded icing delight came from the Hummingbird Bakery in the form of their chocolate malt cake. OH MAN. I do love me some malt! And cake ;)

Being surprised by work – when I arrived back in the office on Tuesday I was surprised to be greeted by a banner, card and balloons around my desk & chair. Made the return to work that bit easier and was such a lovely surprise to be greeted by. Also. I got a post it toaster. WOW!

Flying in the sky – returning home from Dubai was a struggle. Not only do my jeans no longer fit (I blame the fact I’m not used to wearing them not due to the ice cream I indulged in whilst away) I miss the sunshine and heat! If only live was like a 24/7 holiday aye ;)

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