This Week I’ve Been… Hitting Snooze


You know those weeks when you just constantly feel tired, no matter how much sleep you squeeze in or coffee you reach out for, there is that haze overhead that doesn’t seem to shift? That seems to be the past week. Needless to say this weekend I am going to sleep. Got to get my priorities in order! After a period of change it’s time to get back into the daily grind, it can be a hard adjustment for your body clock reacclimatising to those longer days and shorter nights. Especially with the clocks rolling back (or is it forward I can never remember?!) the darker nights are here to stay. It’s time to get snuggled up in some blankets I say!

This Week I’ve Been…

Throwing it back to marble topped breakfasts – back when popped up to Manchester for the weekend we were lucky enough to have a pretty impressive breakfast laid out come morning. With a marble topped table, pastries as far as the eyes can see and a plethora of drinks and smoothies I would be happy dining there any day!

Embracing my new sunnies – I know, it’s about to be Winter why am I forking out money on a new pair of sunglasses? What can I say, sorry not sorry?! I’ve had my eyes on these beauts for a fair few months, couldn’t spot them whilst out in Dubai so I may have placed an online order when I got home. Let’s just say I don’t regret a thing!

Eyeing up a rather luxe nail brand – when you see a new nail varnish brand online, buy a pot for your friend however trrry and stop yourself from picking one up yourself you may experience a squeal of excitement when they arrive in your local Space NK store. Smith & Cult you are beautiful!

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