This Week I’ve Been… Attempting to Flat Hunt


Man finding a place to live is tough! I know I’ve literally just moved and the plan was always to intially move with my parents before really starting the hunt for a place for myself, but I’m exhausted! The amount of flats I’ve been to that are sold before I arrive, already have three competitive offers on the table or are marketed as ‘refurbished luxury’ when actually you’ve being sold a basement in someones house, it puts you off looking! With prices sky high and the number of oversea investors snapping up every single new build for buy to let investments, it leaves very slim pickings for those of us who want to get on the property ladder. Add into the mix an over-organised impatient individual, these estate agents have quite a lot to handle ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

To a mozzarella bar – why the heck haven’t I heard about this incredible restaurant offering before?! Obica is exactly that, a mozzarella bar. I kid you not their menu is bursting full of burrata, bufala alongside something magical called starcciatella pugliese. If you are a fan of cheese, love mozzarella and basically want to have one incredible meal, book yourself a table at Obica stat

Lusting over Burberry – turns out I’m not the only fan of the luxury shadows designer brand Burberry offer. This week I shared my latest addition, 002 Nude which has quickly become my favourite everyday shade and turns out you guys loved it as well. It brings that smokey eye without the need of four shadows and 30 minutes on the clock. Can I buy more yet…?

Ogling everything in Kate Spade – in my Dubai Haul video I shared my joy upon finding a Kate Spade Stationary section in Bloomingdales over at the Dubai Mall. Turns out, I haven’t been able to stop myself. After doing a spot of window shopping over at their Covent Garden store I may now be the proud owner of a 2016 planner and umbrella…whoops!

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  • I have never heard of a mozzarella bar before but they sound AMAZING!! I love cheese

    Lauren x |

    • Me TOO!! A place where you can eat cheese and dip stuff in balsamic, literally my happy place!xx

  • Oh, I could not deal with that. I’ve never been on the look out for a house, but rather the right piece of land has always kind of found me (thank goodness!). Good luck though – it will happen when you find the right one. And yes, I know you must be sick of hearing that, haha.

    Enjoy your weekend! x

    Kiara //

  • Amy

    I’ve recently been house hunting and feel your pain – it’s a nightmare! Also obsessing over Kate Spade too, the 2016 planner in on my list for Santa :)

    • It feels impossible doesn’t it! Such a struggle just to get onto the housing market. Hopefully Santa knows the address to Kate Spade ;) xx

  • expatmuaddict

    Love this post! Can sympathise with the foreign investors snapping up the off plan properties-that’s mostly my Egyptian clients!!

    Definitely getting the Burbs!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    • Tell them NO ahahah! Or wait until I find a place ;) Also. You will adore the Burberry shadow you must get it!xx

  • Dar

    Oh man Burberry has the greatest shadows – It makes my bank account cringe tho!

    Dar |

  • I had no idea a mozzarella bar was even a thing, cool!

  • Gorgeous post! Burberry shadows are gorgeous!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  • I know the stress of looking for a house! Most of the times the places are way too expensive for their quality and it took me a long time to find something suitable for me so I definitely understand what you’re into!! But still you had that mozzarella bar to help you relax for a bit! ;) One thing I found is the biggest agencies don’t always have the best house deals so if you look in somehow smaller companies they may have hidden gems xx

    Sara |