The Sunday Share – Joe’s Southern Kitchen

joes southern

I have a new favourite restaurant in London that I simply can’t stop going to. I’m talking chicken, cocktails, mac n cheese, pulled pork, did I mention chicken?! It’s one heck of a place and after my third trip in the space of a handful of months! I figured it was time to mention it properly to you guys :) The place in question, Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Covent Garden (however there is one in Kentish Town for those more north of the city). Bursting with southern fried food, friendly hospitality and a pretty killer sides menu, you won’t go hungry here.

My personal favs are the southern fried chicken shock which is crispy to the bite but super soft inside. Paired with their fires that are oh so skinny and doused in chicken salt (who knew that was a thing but man does it taste good!) and a sneaky helping of their mac n cheese you are set for the night. I’m one of those mac n cheese lovers that as soon as I see it on the menu I know it’s my kinda restaurant. Here you get a pot of gooey melted cheese goodness that is literally the perfect accompaniment to anything.

Alongside their comfort inducing menu there is also a bar downstairs serving up a handful of fruity, tangy and flavourful cocktails. Great for a quick tipple before your reservation or to hide out in whilst you care for your food baby. For a post work meal, weekend treat or just to catchup with old friends book yourself in for a table over at Joe’s and you won’t regret it.

  • Ahh there are so many restaurants I need to try the next time I go to London. This looks like a place I would love! I will look out for it next time I visit

    Lauren x |

    • I highly recommend it – you won’t leave without a food baby or without having a great time :) xx

  • Sindy Ng

    I’ve just tried a new chicken place in Manchester called Yard & Coop :) and it was reallyyyyy good! Will definitely have to give yours a go when I’m next in London! x

  • Oooo this looks lovely, I always love discovering new places in London and Covent Garden is full of such gems. Definitely added to my list!

    Jessica In Your Ear

    • I love how you can book too meaning you’ve got a tabled secured in a bustling area of London :) xx