Moving Day!

house move
house move

Today is the day – we are officially on the move! I was going to be all savvy and have something scheduled to go up today to mask the fact I will be in fact spending the next 16 hours surrounded by boxes but alas thanks to holidays and birthdays I know, woe is me instead you are stuck with the same view as me, a picture of a box! Hopefully once I’m all settled it will be back to normal regular service however please bare with me if things look a tad barren over the weekend.

Because the exchange and completion date came round in a whirlwind I owe you some Moving Series videos! Don’t worry, #AGAABBOnTheMove is still very much a go, I have a packing video that just needs a cheeky upload and I will be vlogging the day of the move so will have that to share with you as well. If you want to see snippets throughout the day make sure you are following me over on Snapchat with my handle agirlandabeautyblog.

It’s time to say goodbye to the 28 year old family home – I hope I haven’t packed all the tissues!