Dubai Montage Vlog


Holy moly I have officially published two vlogs in one week! Don’t worry I’m not toying with the idea of becoming a daily vlogger (too many shots of me nodding off on the tube for that!) but I did want to share with you (and mum) the footage from our Dubai trip. That is before it officially becomes that point where I need to move one, push past my holiday blues and stop talking about a holiday that happened almost a month ago. #Sob

I did my best to switch off during our week away, attempting to let go of the 24/7 grip I have on my phone was hard so instead I embraced my natural tourist side and went around snap happy to document the trip. Capturing the highlights meant I could edit together a video showcasing some of our favourite things we got up to aka that I remembered to film! Besides I didn’t want to make you guys too jel with 20 minutes worth of footage of me chillaxing by the pool or eating my 100th cheesecake for the day ;) Hope you enjoy, if you close your eyes hard enough you might just be able to feel the heat on your shoulders…

  • I won’t lie, I totally hit the pause button when you showed all those ice cream flavors! :-) Looks like you had some amazing food there! I loved the shot from the marina looking at all the skyscrapers by the way, stunning.

  • Dubai is just other world insane to me, in the fact that I can’t imagine what it is like to be there! Sensory overload.

    • It really is – took me a while to adjust, wasn’t a fan when I first went but I utterly love it there now!x

  • Bella

    Well done, and your mom looks so much like you!!

  • Kelly glen

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!! What an amazing place. I am so jealous, can I come with you next time? It looks like you had a great time. By the way your mum needs to be in more of your videos, she was so funny.

    • It is simply gorgeous out there – next time I’ll squeeze you into my suitcase! Haha okay will try and get her on camera more :) She does make me chuckle!xx