#AGAABBOnTheMove – Part 2 Packing


Woo the second parter of my Moving Series is now live! I bring to you #AGAABBOnTheMove the packing video! Exciting stuff aye ;) Ever since I uploaded my first Moving Series video everything has gone at warp speed. We exchanged, got our date of competition, went off on holiday, celebrated a birthday and then moved! We are officially in the new place and starting to make the new surroundings feel like home.

Before I headed away I filmed some footage of me packing up my room and the house. Included are a few snapshots of old childhood photos, some funny stories I wrote when I was 5 and also my makeupless face attempting to talk to camera. Hopefully it hasn’t turned out like too much like a horror film ;) Sit back, relax, look at some boxes and my moving day video will be up next week :)

  • I had SO much fun going through all this old stuff with you :-D The spelling mistakes are just too cute, haha.

  • This was really fun to watch! The little stories were hilarious! And your drawing skills rocked! ;-)

    Agata http;//herandmakeup.com

  • Kelly glen

    What a great video. I haven’t stopped laughing. That was so funny to watch. It’s always good going through old school work and remembering what you got up to. Can we have more videos like this.

    • This comment made me smile from ear to ear! So glad you enjoyed the video and want to see more! Might have to do a video going through my old school reports ;) xx

      • Kelly glen

        That sounds like a great idea for a video, I’m sure if it was anything like this one it would be very funny to watch.