This Week I’ve Been… Heading Off to Manchester!


It’s official – THE PROJECT IS DONE! The past month has officially been a blur and I’ve spent the past four days walking around the office wondering what to do with myself. It’s a very jarring experiencing going from working 15/16 hour days to not having anything to do. With the bank holiday weekend thrown into the mix I’ve legit forgotten what day it is, how to get ready for work and even what to do with a lunchtime. No doubt the moment I utter these words everything will pick back up again and I will resume my headless chicken stance! To unwind I’m off to Manchester today with Holland & Barrett, just for once night but it’s a chance to get away and hopefully see some of my family that live up North :)

This Week I’ve Been…

Sprucing up my makeup menu – now I’m back to having a smidge more time in the morning I can actually pursue my collection and switch up the daily products I’ve been reaching for. Everyone loves a good contour and highlight session at 7 in the morning ;)

Indulging in brunch…again – I’m sorry but I just love brunch. There. I said it and it ain’t gonna change anytime soon! It is the best meal of the day and every time I’ve got brunch booked in the diary I am a happier person. New favourite place – Ben’s Canteen. From the vibe of the restaurant to the menu choices, it’s my new fav brunch spot!

Agreeing with thoughts on champagne – although I’m more of a prosecco girl compared to champers (I know, tough life) I had to snap a pic of this on one of the walls in a local bar. Couldn’t agree more!

Throwing it back to Bournemouth – I do have a soft spot for the sea side town, just look at it in all it’s glory in the blistering sunshine Being by a beach can sometimes be the best remedy and I love the connection I have with that fantastic town

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