The Sunday Share – Getting Through a Sick Day

beauty products for a sick day

It always happens. After a big project, during a change in the seasons, when you finally give your body a chance to relax, out comes the bug. Luckily I’m not a person who gets sick often, I like to try and bat away a cold with Lemsip and run away in the opposite direction at work when I see someone with the sniffles. As much as you try to prevent the situation, it’s bound to happen. The joys of public transport and spending your days in an office environment, sneaky germs are everywhere! I’ve been battling the onset of a cold for a couple of weeks, determined not to let it win I pushed ahead whilst ignoring the warning signs hoping it would fizzle out. As much as I was winning, today I officially lost. Duvet, Netflix, Ben & Jerry, come at me as I’m calling it a sick day!

To get me through those days when I’m not feeling 100% it’s time to reach for those comfort items. A few key products that help you feel a tad better whilst you make your way through a box of tissues. Cold – you may have won today but the battle’s not over! You my friend are not allowed to jump in my suitcase and come on holiday so don’t get too comfortable!

  • Lemsip – I always find a warm mug of freshly brewed lemsip really helps to fight away those germs and push me back towards feeling fighting fit
  • Trash TV – now is the perfect time to indulge. Load up Netflix. Download a new series. Today my poison is Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars don’t judge me
  • Staying warm with cosy socks – if you are battling a fever or running a temperature the key thing is to stay warm. Wrap up, get inside a fluffy dressing gown and bust out those super fluffy warm socks
  • Open a window – although it’s important to stay warm, fresh air really helps. I find opening up a small window to let in a bit of fresh air helps keep the room ventilated
  • Keep your skin hydrated – this is when I bust out all the mists and sprays! Switching between the Nourish Hydrating Mist and Caudalie Beauty Elixir they keep my skin in check and help to refresh me after a few hours of duvet time
  • Light your favourite candle – you want to be surrounded by a comforting fragrance to help lift your spirits and create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Calm your senses – nows the time to bust out those aromatherapy oils and sprays. Pop some on your temples and spritz your pillow with a sleep spray. This helps to calms your mind whilst encouraging you to drift off to the land of nod to catchup on some much needed z’s

What things do you reach for to get you through a sick day?