This Week I’ve Been…


It’s pretty impressive what your body can do on autopilot. Whether it’s reacting to a change in situation or in my case an impressive lack of sleep. I’m a person who is dedicated to her 8 hours a night of rest and recuperation, anything less and I’m cranky, restless and struggle to function. Cut to a new routine where anything over 4 becomes a luxury – my once tired body after a naughty late night on a Tuesday has been replaced by a adrenaline fuelled shell running on autopilot. But you survive. If you keep pushing you keep going, yes it doesn’t help that my main source of sustenance is chocolate fingers but I’m not entirely adverse to that at the moment ;) Instead I’m astounded by my bodies ability to keep fighting and remind it each day the end is in sight!

This Week I’ve Been…

Wowed by Charlotte Tilbury – after a recent lippie splurge I picked up these two new additions from powerhouse Charlotte Tilbury. Both part of the new limited edition collection in the matte revolution formula, they are a beaut! See more swatches here

Dishing up some Wagamamas – I remember when Waggas first opened, their relaxed seating setup and quick food service was a fresh take on traditional restaurant dining. You can’t deny their dishes are, well, delicious! It’s always nice to indulge in some noodles or ramen

Buying new tops – Banana Republic has quickly become one of my go to shops when it comes to picking up some new pieces. Their middle of the range price points combined with high quality fabric selections results in a shop bursting with things I want to take home. The recent addition to my wardrobe comes from these three laid-back tees

Visiting Lush – a Saturday at work results in a lunchtime on Oxford Street. Last weekend I found myself meandering past the new Lush megastore on the hughstreet. Packed full of bath bomb delights take a look at what I picked up here

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  • I love wagamamas, unfortunately they don’t have it here, I think (must investigate this!). And I’m already looking forward to my birthday where I’m gonna put the entire Charlotte Tilbury range on my wishlist :)


    • Every time I think I don’t need to buy anything more from her range I end up picking up another two items!xx

  • Ashesela

    Aw I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been getting much sleep!! :( I hope you can get more this week, I’m an 8+ hour per night sleeper too so I understand!

  • Sleep is the best! I’ve been hearing so many good things about Charlotte Tilbury, I have two of her products (filmstar and dolce vita palette) but am dying to try out some lipsticks and her eyeshadow creams!

  • expatmuaddict

    I really do want the two CT lipsticks-am hoping they’ll still be available when I come home at Chrimbo! I do love the formula xx

  • I am still yet to try anything from CT! x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • I haven’t ever done much shopping in banana republic but this has reminded me to check it out!


  • So wished I have a Banana Republic near me, those tops are lovely!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • The stores are a bit harder to find but whenever I do find them I always end up buying lots!xx

  • I’ve never looked into Banana Republic before. I really like the pieces in your pictures though. xo