This Week I’ve Been… Seeing the Light


Two weeks left. 14 days to go and hopefully toes and fingers crossed I can call this project dunzo! With a seven day week on the cards (accompanied by far too many OT take out meals) my humanity feeling status is starting to drop to the 10% mark. There is just something about constantly eating out of a plastic dish with forks that break the moment you try and use them that drains your motivation. Someone needs to seriously invent the glammed up takeaway service! I’m thinking silver tray service, waiters, prosecco on ice…did I go to far? If anyone is willing to come up with such a service I promise to be your first customer!

This Week I’ve Been…

Relying on the makeup – I know, any beauty fanatic is a fan of makeup, but seriously I’m constantly wowed by it’s ability to mask imperfection and transformed my tired out face. Just 10 minutes by my desk and it’s almost as if I had eight hours of sleep and felt rested! I even managed to crack a smile. Miracles do happen ;)

Basking in a glorious day of sunshine – last Sunday on a rare day off I treated myself to an early morning Psycle class to balance out all those OT meals. Upon leaving the studio I was met with the most glorious Londons day full of sunshine. Whenever the city lights up with bright blue skies you are reminded of how beautiful this town really is

Remembering how a Friday night should be – ah prosecco, that glorious drink that lifts your spirits whilst reminding you everything is going to be okay. Luckily once this project is out the door I’ve got catchups with friends and a sneaky holiday in the diary to let my worries drift away. Bliss!

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  • You just described the perfect Friday night. And Saturday night, actually :-)

  • expatmuaddict

    Keep going doll, the end is in sight!!! Love London, proper homesick right now xx

  • Bella

    Yay, the end is nigh! Kudos for keeping up with your blog through all that. In other news, my Champagne Pop highlighter arrived this morning and now I get your reaction LOLOL!

  • I have been relying on makeup as well this week! It seems like everyone is having some tough times sleep-wise. x

  • Urvi

    I love your posts!! So to the point on the constant truth!

  • Prosecco vibes on point, love a bit of Friday drinking.

  • I agree with you on a glammed up takeout service – I know I would buy from them!!

    Emma //

  • Prosecco is my drink of choice and can easily go through a couple of bottles. Bet you can’t wait for your catch ups with friends! xoxo

  • Aaaah we have similar taste. Had to ween myself off a bottle-of-prosecco-every-friday habit earlier this year. Byron (weirdly) has a really good one. Just fyi in case you’re ever in need of an emergency glass while out and about x

    • They are just so darn addictive! And you know what, I’m totally okay with that. Defo going to find myself in a Byron this weekend just for the prosecco!xx