This Week I’ve Been… Needing Encourage Mint!


When it comes to juggling a full time job alongside daily posts, you’d think that one of my struggles came from organising my content or keeping that inspriation tap flowing. You’d be wrong. My pitful actually lies when it comes to this Saturday update as all I have to say it, yes I’m still working crazy hours and yes my eyes look like they’re about to fall out of my head. YAY LIFE. Seriously though, I might just throw out an unexpected and exotic update just to throw ya all off guard ;) One thing I can say? BB 17 is my life. I’m hooked to the twitter feeds and I swear everyone on the tube now knows me as that crazy lady who gasps whilst watching BB three times a week…

This Week I’ve Been…

Dreaming of Bournemouth – remember that glorious long weekend I spent in Bournemouth? I even made a sneaky GRWM video it was so darn good. Sadly this is but a distant memory and after spotting a snap of the pier glistening in the beaming sunshine it made me want to pack up the car and head straight back!

Sending encouraging mints – I stumbled across this cute little pic on Instagram yesterday (sorry for whoever I stole it off I literally can’t remember!) and it was so cute I sent it out to my team at work to give them a spot of Friday encourage-mint ;)

Obsessing over highlighter – seriously. This is amazeballs. One of the most gorgeous highlighters I’ve cast my eyes across it looks utterly gorgeous in the pan, swatched on your hand and applied. It is a beaut and I urge everyone to fly/swing/skate over to Sephora and pick one up

Rocking a stripped back maekup look – who has time for fancy makeup looks on less than 6 hours sleep?! It’s all about those quick acting products that bring the glow without requiring me to be sat in front of a mirror for too long in the mornings. Fuss free makeup as it’s best

Making some hilar online purchases – so when you are heading to a beach party, need a fancy dress costume but can’t fathom out what to wear, be careful when ordering an inflatable flamingo. I did such a thing and it arrived, 4 foot wide. Seriously took me 3 days to blow it up and now I don’t know if I can even fit it into a taxi. Epic fail

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  • That encouraging mint is so cute! But you’re so right, these updates are always the hardest. Kudos for keeping with it though I stopped doing mine after a while because when your week consists of working it gets a little bit less and less interesting for people to read every week doesn’t it when you are struggling to find something to say! You’re doing well considering though! Definitely more exciting than mine were haha! Stripped makeup is literally all I ever have time for, and I end up just looking at my makeup draw talking to it so it remembers I love it but I just can’t find the time for it right now haha!

    Have a fab day sweetie!

    Kim x

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    • Thanks lovely :) I have a feeling they might dry up in the next coming weeks but hopefully I can stick with it!xx

  • Can I have one of those mints for Monday please? I have an appointment with my boss!

  • I am loving a stripped back makeup look too at the moment x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Lol, you made me laugh with that flamingo! Post some pictures from when you do go to that party and drag it along! Have a great weekend!

    • Will do :) It was a fun thing to have at the party even if I struggled to fit through the front door!xx

  • I love the flamingo!! I would gladly have it in my garden! That highlighter looks fantastic it must turn any women into a goddess!!! It must be pretty awesome to work with you and get those kind of encouragmints ;) xx

    Sara |

    • Aw thanks lovely – hopefully it helps even if its just a little! A good highlighter can turn any women into a goddess it’s so pretty!xx

  • The Lifestyle Blogger UK

    Loving the flamingo!!