This Week I’ve Been… Getting into Cream Bronzers & Blush


For the very first time this week I just enjoyed eight blissful, uninterrupted hours of sleep. I’M A NEW WOMAN. That’s a lie, I’m still broken BUT the end really is in sight and one day soon this blog might actually stop being a daily documentation of how tired I am. Now wouldn’t that be nice ;) Sadly I can feel a post deadline lurgy on the horizon that I’m hoping to bat away before some time off at the end of September. Alongside that it looks like I’ve completely missed the summer as now we’ve got grey skies and a cool chill to the air. I’m still holding out for an Indian summer to bring a bit of warmth to the capital.

This Week I’ve Been…

Getting all heart eyed emojis over a cream bronzer – after my initial hesitation when it came to cream based makeup products, I’ve finally done a complete 180 and fallen in love. It started with this YSL Bronzer that I talked about over here before I delved through my makeup draws to show my cream blushers some love. Their natural finish gives a gorgeous flush of colour to the cheeks and I am now hooked!

Organising my makeup draws – sometimes there is nothing better than organised makeup draws. I found when I was getting home late at night this week but couldn’t switch off, organising my makeup was pretty therapeutic. It meant I accomplished something and awoke to neat and organised makeup

Buying up all the homeware from H&M – I’ve spoken about my love for the H&M homeware section before and I still find myself going back to their aisles of wonder to source up the soft furnishings in my room. I’ve noticed things are getting a tad more expensive but you can still find yourself a homeware bargain to snap up

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